May 31, 2010
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Guiding Case No. 77: Luo Rongrong v. Price Bureau of Ji'an City
Guiding Case No. 77: Luo Rongrong v. Price Bureau of Ji'an City 


(Issued on December 28, 2016 as deliberated and adopted by the Judicial Committee of the Supreme People's Court) (最高人民法院审判委员会讨论通过2016年12月28日发布)

Keywords: administrative action; reply on a complaint matter; scope of case acceptance; qualification of plaintiff 关键词 行政诉讼/举报答复/受案范围/原告资格
Key Points of Judgment 裁判要点
1. Where an administrative authority only makes an informative reply on the complaint that is legally interested with the complainant and fails to handle the complaint by law, it is not “an act having no actual impact on the rights and obligations of any citizen, legal person, or other organization” as prescribed in item (6) of Article 1 of the Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues concerning the Implementation of the Administrative Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China. Therefore, the complaint is actionable and is within the scope of case acceptance of a people's court for administrative actions. 1.行政机关对与举报人有利害关系的举报仅作出告知性答复,未按法律规定对举报进行处理,不属于《最高人民法院关于执行〈中华人民共和国行政诉讼法〉若干问题的解释》第一条第六项规定的“对公民、法人或者其他组织权利义务不产生实际影响的行为”,因而具有可诉性,属于人民法院行政诉讼的受案范围。
2. Where the complainant sends a complaint matter to an administrative authority on the ground that his lawful rights and interests are infringed, and he is legally interested with the handling of the complaint by the administrative authority, the complainant has the qualification of plaintiff in an administrative action. 2.举报人就其自身合法权益受侵害向行政机关进行举报的,与行政机关的举报处理行为具有法律上的利害关系,具备行政诉讼原告主体资格。
Legal Provisions 相关法条
Articles 12 and 25 of the Administrative Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China (Amended on November 1, 2014) 中华人民共和国行政诉讼法》(2014年11月1日修正)第12条、第25条
Basic Facts 基本案情
Plaintiff Luo Rongrong alleged that: On May 20, 2012, when he subscribed a mobile phone number at the Telecommunications Business Office on Jinggangshan Avenue, Jizhou District, Ji'an City, Ji'an Telecommunications Company charged him CNY 20 for the UIM card expense and issued the invoice. Plaintiff held that Ji'an Telecommunications Company's charging of the UIM card expense for his initial subscription violated the prohibitive provisions of the Measures for the Application of Integrated Circuit Cards and the Charging Administration that no separate charge of a subscriber was allowed. Therefore, plaintiff filed a complaint with defendant, the Price Bureau of Ji'an City, and claimed that defendant should perform its statutory duties, make an investigation, and give a written reply. Although defendant issued a written reply, the reply letter only specified that only one document and some content of the document were identified in the investigation. In the reply letter, there was no handling of plaintiff's claimed matter in the complaint letter. The act of defendant violated the relevant legal provisions of the Price Law of the People's Republic of China and the Provisions on the Complaints of Price-related Violations. Plaintiff requested the People's Court of Jizhou District, Ji'an City to confirm that defendant's handling of plaintiff's complaint violated the law, cancel defendant's reply according to the law, and order that defendant should investigate the violation of law involved in plaintiff's complaint letter according to the law. 原告罗镕荣诉称:2012年5月20日,其在吉安市吉州区井冈山大道电信营业厅办理手机号码时,吉安电信公司收取了原告20元卡费并出具了发票。原告认为吉安电信公司收取原告首次办理手机号码的卡费,违反了《集成电路卡应用和收费管理办法》中不得向用户单独收费的禁止性规定,故向被告吉安市物价局申诉举报,并提出了要求被告履行法定职责进行查处和作出书面答复等诉求。被告虽然出具了书面答复,但答复函中只写明被告调查时发现一个文件及该文件的部分内容。答复函中并没有对原告申诉举报信中的请求事项作出处理,被告的行为违反了《中华人民共和国价格法》《价格违法行为举报规定》等相关法律规定。请求法院确认被告在处理原告申诉举报事项中的行为违法,依法撤销被告的答复,判令被告依法查处原告申诉举报信所涉及的违法行为。
Defendant Price Bureau of Ji'an City contended that: The action brought by plaintiff did not conform to the relevant provisions of the Administrative Procedure Law. Administrative litigation refers to an action brought by any citizen, legal person, or other organization for refusal to accept the specific administrative act of an administrative authority. In this case, the replay made by defendant to plaintiff on July 3, 2012 was not a specific administrative act and thus it was not actionable. The reply of defendant to plaintiff satisfied the procedural requirements of the Provisions on the Complaints of Price-related Violations and the content of the reply to plaintiff was information verified by defendant upon investigation. Defendant requested the People's Court of Jizhou District, Ji'an City to dismiss plaintiff's claim. 被告吉安市物价局辩称:原告的起诉不符合行政诉讼法的有关规定。行政诉讼是指公民、法人、其他组织对于行政机关的具体行政行为不服提起的诉讼。本案中被告于2012年7月3日对原告做出的答复不是一种具体行政行为,不具有可诉性。被告对原告的答复符合《价格违法行为规定》的程序要求,答复内容也是告知原告,被告经过调查后查证的情况。请求法院依法驳回原告的诉讼请求。
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