May 31, 2010
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Announcement No.62 [2018] of the Ministry of Commerce——Announcement on Filing of Anti-dumping Investigation against Imports of Stainless Steel Billet and Hot-rolled Stainless Steel Plate (Coil) Originating in the EU, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Indonesia [Effective]
商务部公告2018年第62号――关于对原产于欧盟、日本、韩国和印度尼西亚的进口不锈钢钢坯和不锈钢热轧板/卷进行反倾销立案调查的公告 [现行有效]
  • Issuing authority: Ministry of Commerce
  • Document Number: Announcement No.62 [2018] of the Ministry of Commerce
  • Date issued: 07-23-2018
  • Effective date: 07-23-2018
  • Area of Law:Trade & Commerce