May 31, 2010
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Hainan Free Trade Port Law of the People's Republic of China [Effective]
中华人民共和国海南自由贸易港法 [现行有效]
Order of the President of the People's Republic of China 


(No. 85) (第八十五号)

The Hainan Free Trade Port Law of the People's Republic of China, as adopted at the 29th session of the Thirteenth Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China on June 10, 2021, is hereby issued and shall come into force on the date of issuance. 《中华人民共和国海南自由贸易港法》已由中华人民共和国第十三届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第二十九次会议于2021年6月10日通过,现予公布,自公布之日起施行。
Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国主席 习近平
June 10, 2021 2021年6月10日
Hainan Free Trade Port Law of the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国海南自由贸易港法
(Adopted at the 29th Session of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China on June 10, 2021) (2021年6月10日第十三届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第二十九次会议通过)
Contents 目  录
Chapter I General Provisions 第一章 总  则
Chapter II Trade Freedom and Facilitation 第二章 贸易自由便利
Chapter III Investment Liberalization and Facilitation 第三章 投资自由便利
Chapter IV Fiscal Taxation System 第四章 财政税收制度
Chapter V Protection of Ecological Environment 第五章 生态环境保护
Chapter VI Industrial Development and Talent Support 第六章 产业发展与人才支撑
Chapter VII Comprehensive Measures 第七章 综合措施
Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions 第八章 附  则
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总  则

Article 1 For the purposes of building a high-level Hainan Free Trade Port (HNFTP) with Chinese characteristics, promoting the formation of a new pattern of higher-level reform and opening up, establishing a new system of open economy, and advancing the stable, sound and sustainable development of the socialist market economy, this Law is developed.   第一条 为了建设高水平的中国特色海南自由贸易港,推动形成更高层次改革开放新格局,建立开放型经济新体制,促进社会主义市场经济平稳健康可持续发展,制定本法。
Article 2 The state shall establish a HNFTP on the entire Hainan Island, establish a system of policies and rules on free trade ports in steps and phases, and realize free and convenient trade, investment, cross-border capital flow, entry and exit of personnel, and transportation, and safe and orderly flow of data.   第二条 国家在海南岛全岛设立海南自由贸易港,分步骤、分阶段建立自由贸易港政策和制度体系,实现贸易、投资、跨境资金流动、人员进出、运输来往自由便利和数据安全有序流动。
This Law shall apply to the construction and management activities of HNFTP. Where there are no provisions in this Law, the provisions of other relevant laws and regulations shall apply. 海南自由贸易港建设和管理活动适用本法。本法没有规定的,适用其他有关法律法规的规定。
Article 3 For the construction of HNFTP, Chinese characteristics shall be reflected, international experience shall be learned from, Hainan's strategic positioning shall be centered on, Hainan's advantages shall be maximized, reform and innovation shall be promoted, risk prevention shall be strengthened, new innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development concepts shall be implemented, the high-quality development, the overall national security concept, and the people-oriented principle shall be insisted on, to realize economic prosperity, social civilization, ecological livability, and people's happiness.   第三条 海南自由贸易港建设,应当体现中国特色,借鉴国际经验,围绕海南战略定位,发挥海南优势,推进改革创新,加强风险防范,贯彻创新、协调、绿色、开放、共享的新发展理念,坚持高质量发展,坚持总体国家安全观,坚持以人民为中心,实现经济繁荣、社会文明、生态宜居、人民幸福。
Article 4 In the construction of HNFTP, trade and investment liberalization and facilitation shall be the focus, with the free, orderly, safe and convenient across-border flow of various kinds of production factors and a modern industrial system as the support and with special tax system arrangements, efficient social governance system and complete system of rule of law as the guarantee, and a law-based, international and facilitated business environment and a fair, unified and efficient market environment shall be continuously optimized.   第四条 海南自由贸易港建设,以贸易投资自由化便利化为重点,以各类生产要素跨境自由有序安全便捷流动和现代产业体系为支撑,以特殊的税收制度安排、高效的社会治理体系和完备的法治体系为保障,持续优化法治化、国际化、便利化的营商环境和公平统一高效的市场环境。
Article 5 HNFTP shall implement the strictest ecological and environmental protection system, insist on ecological priority and green development, innovate on the ecological civilization system and mechanism, and build a national ecological civilization experimental zone.   第五条 海南自由贸易港实行最严格的生态环境保护制度,坚持生态优先、绿色发展,创新生态文明体制机制,建设国家生态文明试验区。
Article 6 The state shall establish a leadership mechanism for the construction of HNFTP to coordinate the major policies and issues on the construction of HNFTP. The development and reform, finance, commerce, financial management, customs, taxation and other departments under the State Council shall, according to the division of functions, guide and promote the construction of HNFTP.   第六条 国家建立海南自由贸易港建设领导机制,统筹协调海南自由贸易港建设重大政策和重大事项。国务院发展改革、财政、商务、金融管理、海关、税务等部门按照职责分工,指导推动海南自由贸易港建设相关工作。
The state shall establish an administrative management system that is compatible with the construction of HNFTP, and innovate on the regulatory model. 国家建立与海南自由贸易港建设相适应的行政管理体制,创新监管模式。
Hainan province shall effectively fulfill responsibilities, strengthen organization and leadership, and spare no effort to promote various work of the construction of HNFTP. 海南省应当切实履行责任,加强组织领导,全力推进海南自由贸易港建设各项工作。
Article 7 The state shall support the construction and development of HNFTP, and support Hainan Province in exercising its reform autonomy in accordance with the requirements of the central government and legal provisions. The State Council and its relevant departments shall, on the basis of the actual needs of the construction of HNFTP, authorize or entrust the Hainan Provincial People's Government and its relevant departments to exercise the relevant management powers.   第七条 国家支持海南自由贸易港建设发展,支持海南省依照中央要求和法律规定行使改革自主权。国务院及其有关部门根据海南自由贸易港建设的实际需要,及时依法授权或者委托海南省人民政府及其有关部门行使相关管理职权。
Article 8 HNFTP shall establish a comprehensive, scientifically standardized, and effective HNFTP governance system, promote the institutional reform and functional transformation of the government, regulate the government service standards, strengthen the construction of mechanisms for preventing and resolving social conflicts, enhance the intelligence level of social governance, and improve the social governance system of co-construction, co-governance and sharing.   第八条 海南自由贸易港构建系统完备、科学规范、运行有效的海南自由贸易港治理体系,推动政府机构改革和职能转变,规范政府服务标准,加强预防和化解社会矛盾机制建设,提高社会治理智能化水平,完善共建共治共享的社会治理制度。
The state shall promote the reform and innovation of the administrative divisions of HNFTP, and optimize the setting and structural system of administrative divisions. 国家推进海南自由贸易港行政区划改革创新,优化行政区划设置和行政区划结构体系。
Article 9 The state shall support HNFTP in actively adapting to the development of international economic and trade rules and new trends in the reform of the global economic governance system, and actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation.   第九条 国家支持海南自由贸易港主动适应国际经济贸易规则发展和全球经济治理体系改革新趋势,积极开展国际交流合作。
Article 10 The Hainan Provincial People's Congress and its Standing Committee may, in accordance with this Law and in consideration of the specific conditions and actual needs of the construction of HNFTP, comply with the provisions of the Constitution and follow the basic principles of laws and administrative regulations, develop laws and regulations on trade, investment and relevant management activities (hereinafter referred to as “laws and regulations of HNFTP”), and implement them in HNFTP.   第十条 海南省人民代表大会及其常务委员会可以根据本法,结合海南自由贸易港建设的具体情况和实际需要,遵循宪法规定和法律、行政法规的基本原则,就贸易、投资及相关管理活动制定法规(以下称海南自由贸易港法规),在海南自由贸易港范围内实施。
The regulations of HNFTP shall be submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the State Council for recordation; and where the provisions of the laws or administrative regulations are modified, the circumstances and reasons for the modification shall be explained. 海南自由贸易港法规应当报送全国人民代表大会常务委员会和国务院备案;对法律或者行政法规的规定作变通规定的,应当说明变通的情况和理由。
The laws and regulations of HNFTP involving the matters specified in the laws that shall be developed by the National People's Congress and its Standing Committee according to the law or the administrative regulations developed by the State Council shall be respectively submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress or the State Council for approval and come into force thereafter. 海南自由贸易港法规涉及依法应当由全国人民代表大会及其常务委员会制定法律或者由国务院制定行政法规事项的,应当分别报全国人民代表大会常务委员会或者国务院批准后生效。
Chapter II Trade Freedom and Facilitation 

第二章 贸易自由便利

Article 11 The state shall establish and improve a system of a Special Customs Supervision Zone of HNFTP featured by independent customs operations throughout Hainan Island. On the basis of lawful and effective supervision, the management rules on free, safe and convenient trade in goods shall be established, and the management measures for trade in services shall be optimized, to realize trade liberalization and facilitation.   第十一条 国家建立健全全岛封关运作的海南自由贸易港海关监管特殊区域制度。在依法有效监管基础上,建立自由进出、安全便利的货物贸易管理制度,优化服务贸易管理措施,实现贸易自由化便利化。
Article 12 HNFTP shall build port infrastructure with high standards, and strengthen the management and control of public health and safety at port, as well as the bio-safety, food safety, and goods quality and safety control at national border.   第十二条 海南自由贸易港应当高标准建设口岸基础设施,加强口岸公共卫生安全、国门生物安全、食品安全、商品质量安全管控。
Article 13 Goods and articles may be freely imported and exported between overseas areas and HNFTP, and the customs shall conduct supervision in accordance with the law, excluding those included in the list of goods and items prohibited or restricted from import and export.   第十三条 在境外与海南自由贸易港之间,货物、物品可以自由进出,海关依法进行监管,列入海南自由贸易港禁止、限制进出口货物、物品清单的除外。
The list as prescribed in the preceding paragraph shall be developed by the competent commerce department under the State Council in conjunction with the relevant departments under the State Council and Hainan Province. 前款规定的清单,由国务院商务主管部门会同国务院有关部门和海南省制定。
Article 14 For goods entering other areas in China (hereinafter referred to as the “mainland”) from HNFTP, in principle, the relevant formalities shall be undergone according to the provisions on import. Articles entering the mainland from HNFTP shall be subject to supervision according to the provisions. Import management shall be simplified for means of transportation from HNFTP to the mainland.   第十四条 货物由海南自由贸易港进入境内其他地区(以下简称内地),原则上按进口规定办理相关手续。物品由海南自由贸易港进入内地,按规定进行监管。对海南自由贸易港前往内地的运输工具,简化进口管理。
Goods, articles and means of transportation entering HNFTP from the mainland shall be managed in accordance with the provisions on domestic circulation. 货物、物品以及运输工具由内地进入海南自由贸易港,按国内流通规定管理。
The specific measures for the entry and exit of goods, articles and means of transportation between HNFTP and the mainland shall be developed by the relevant departments under the State Council in conjunction with Hainan Province. 货物、物品以及运输工具在海南自由贸易港和内地之间进出的具体办法由国务院有关部门会同海南省制定。
Article 15 Various types of market participants shall freely carry out trade in goods and related activities in HNFTP in accordance with the law, and the customs shall implement low-intervention and high-efficiency supervision.   第十五条 各类市场主体在海南自由贸易港内依法自由开展货物贸易以及相关活动,海关实施低干预、高效能的监管。
Under the premise of satisfying the requirements for environmental protection and work safety, HNFTP shall not set any storage time for imported and exported goods, and the storage location of goods may be freely selected. 在符合环境保护、安全生产等要求的前提下,海南自由贸易港对进出口货物不设存储期限,货物存放地点可以自由选择。
Article 16 HNFTP shall implement the policies on customs clearance facilitation to simplify the procedures and formalities for circulation of goods. Excluding the goods for which inspection and quarantine or management of licensing documents is required according to the law, the customs shall release goods entering HNFTP directly in accordance with the relevant provisions, to provide customs clearance facilitation services for market participants.   第十六条 海南自由贸易港实行通关便利化政策,简化货物流转流程和手续。除依法需要检验检疫或者实行许可证件管理的货物外,货物进入海南自由贸易港,海关按照有关规定径予放行,为市场主体提供通关便利服务。
Article 17 HNFTP shall implement a negative list management system for cross-border trade in services, and a matching fund payment and transfer system. Cross-border trade in services outside the list shall be managed under the principle of equal footing.   第十七条 海南自由贸易港对跨境服务贸易实行负面清单管理制度,并实施相配套的资金支付和转移制度。对清单之外的跨境服务贸易,按照内外一致的原则管理。
The negative list of cross-border trade in services of HNFTP shall be developed by the competent commerce department under the State Council in conjunction with the relevant departments under the State Council and Hainan Province. 海南自由贸易港跨境服务贸易负面清单由国务院商务主管部门会同国务院有关部门和海南省制定。
Chapter III Investment Liberalization and Facilitation 

第三章 投资自由便利

...... ......

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