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 Lawyer's killing in Hubei draws condemnation
Category:Judicial News  
Subject:Lawyers   ; Safety Protections   ; Criminal law   ; People and society  
Publish Date:09-15-2021

A man was arrested on suspicion of killing a lawyer in Hubei province on Monday, drawing strong condemnation from the All China Lawyers Association.
According to police in the Donghu High-tech district of Wuhan, capital of Hubei, a man surnamed Lei, 47, was arrested for allegedly assaulting lawyer Xue Weixing at around 10 am on Monday.
Xue died from his wounds after medical treatment failed.
A preliminary investigation found that Lei had been involved in various disputes with Xue. The case is under further investigation, police said. No further details were given.
A statement from the All China Lawyers Association condemned the killing. The association said that it has sent staff to Hubei to visit Xue's family and express condolences. It added that it would continue to follow the case and help his family deal with the aftermath of the investigation.
Lawyers are an important force in the promotion of comprehensively law-based governance, the statement said. They shoulder the responsibility of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of their clients, ensuring laws are correctly followed and safeguarding social equity and justice.
The legal rights and interests of lawyers are protected by law, and any illegal or criminal retaliation against them will be severely punished by law, it said.
The association also called for society as a whole to care for lawyers and protect their rights, and it also reminded lawyers to protect themselves in the process of their work.

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