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 More border-crossing cases resolved
Category:Judicial News  
Subject:Legal system   ; Criminal law   ; Customs   ; Post and logistics  
Source:China Daily
Publish Date:01-14-2022
More criminal cases of border management obstruction were resolved last year, with more suspects and illegal border-crossers arrested amid an operation targeting such crimes, the National Immigration Administration said on Wednesday.
The public security and immigration authorities resolved 18,000 such cases last year, 2.3 times the number in 2020. They arrested 48,000 suspects, 3.6 times more than in the previous year, and about 47,000 people who illegally crossed the border, 3.4 times more, it said.
They also busted 2,497 smuggling gangs, destroyed 797 transit and hiding places used by smugglers, seized 2,288 vehicles and ships, and investigated and punished 1,116 intermediary agencies and enterprises.
Qu Yunhai, deputy head of the administration, said one focus of the crackdown was those who transported or organized Chinese citizens to illegally cross the border, especially those engaged in cross-border gambling and telecom and network fraud overseas.
The authorities investigated 17,000 criminal cases of Chinese people obstructing border management, capturing 43,000 suspects and 36,000 Chinese who illegally crossed the border last year.
They also targeted the activities of those organizing and transporting foreign nationals to enter or exit China. They investigated a large number of criminal cases involving foreign nationals interfering with border administration, arresting 5,017 Chinese and foreign suspects.
"We also cooperated with overseas law enforcement departments to capture and penalize 52 foreign suspects," Qu said. "Illegal entry by foreign nationals has been effectively curtailed."
He said the administration also worked with other departments to hunt major suspects on the run for crimes that obstructed border management, with 118 fugitives captured.
The authorities also strengthened publicity work to enhance awareness of national security and laws among people living in border areas and rewarded 577 people who assisted in the resolution of such crimes last year, he said.

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