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 Rules Issued to Regulate Dishonest Conduct in Scientific Research
Category:Legislative Updates  
Subject:Legal system   ; Science, education, culture and sports  
Keywords:dishonest conduct in scientific research;  rules for investigation and handling;  evidence
Publish Date:09-22-2022
Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the Rules for the Investigation and Handling of Dishonest Conduct in Scientific Research.
According to the Rules, entities such as competent authorities, institutions of higher learning, and research academies should not tolerate or even conceal dishonest conduct in scientific research. No entity or individual may impede or interfere with the investigation and handling of dishonest conduct. The parties which have carried out acts of bad faith or witnesses should render active coordination in the investigation, truthfully make explanations, and provide evidence. Any act of forgery, tampering, concealment or destruction of evidence is prohibited.
The Rules further clarify the division of responsibilities for the investigation and handling of dishonest conduct. The Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences are respectively responsible for coordinating the investigation and handling in the fields of natural science, philosophy, and social sciences. If dishonest conduct provokes social concern or gets related to multiple departments (units), these authorities may launch a coordinated investigation, or coordinate with other departments (units) to conduct the work.
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