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 The State Council Issues the 14th Five-Year Plan for Protection and Development of the Disabled
Category:Legislative Updates  
Subject:People and society   ; Labor and society  
Keywords:State Council;  the 14th Five-Year Plan;  protection of the disabled
Publish Date:07-29-2021
Recently, the State Council issued the 14th Five-Year Plan for Protection and Development of the Disabled.
The Plan brings forward the goals for the next fifteen years. By 2025, the achievements of poverty alleviation for the disabled are to be consolidated and expanded, with their quality of life improved and their wellbeing lifted up to a new level; by 2035, the cause of the disabled will keep up with the economic and social development in a coordinated manner and adapt to the nation's goal of generally realizing modernization, and we will see more substantial progress in all-round development and common prosperity of the disabled.
The Plan carries out the following key missions: first, the social security system should be improved to provide the disabled with a livelihood guarantee of better stability and higher standards; second, the disabled in urban and rural areas should be given more support in their job seeking and business startups to help them live a better and more dignified life through production and labor activities; third, the service system of caring for the disabled will be optimized to enhance the quality of such public services as rehabilitation, education, culture and sports; fourth, disabled persons should be provided with improved accessibility and convenience, as part of safeguarding their equal rights. Meanwhile, the Plan improves the support and safeguards for the disabled from eight aspects, mainly including enhancing the leadership system where party committees take the lead and governments take the responsibility, promoting multi-level commitment, strengthening infrastructure and information construction, and expediting technology innovation and talent cultivation, among others.
The relevant departments of the State Council are required to formulate relevant implementation plans; competent authorities of all regions should produce local 14th five-year plan for protection and development (or cause) of the disabled, the implementation of which will be under the monitoring and assessment of the relevant departments of the State Council.
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