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 CNIPA Releases 2023 Administrative Protection Work Plan for Intellectual Property
Category:Legislative Updates  
Subject:Intellectual property  
Keywords:intellectual property;  administrative protection
Publish Date:03-16-2023
The China Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) recently released the 2023 National Administrative Protection Work Plan for Intellectual Property.
The Plan sets out the following tasks. First, the legal guarantee for administrative protection of intellectual property should be strengthened. The Plan requires that localities and their competent authorities are tasked with improving the intellectual property protection system and cracking down on abnormal patent applications and malicious trademark registration. Second, a solid foundation for administrative protection should be laid. To this end, localities and their competent authorities should step up efforts to handle administrative adjudication on patent infringement disputes, provide in-depth guidance on law enforcement cases regarding trademark protection, and strengthen supervision and administration of the protection of geographical indications. Third, administrative protection in key areas and links should be focused on. The priority of this task is to protect foreign-related intellectual property rights, special signs related to major projects, fields of people's livelihood, and key areas related to people's vital interests, especially the key links of standardized administration of markets and e-commerce platforms for intellectual property protection. Fourth, the administrative protection mechanism should be optimized. For this task, the Plan calls for efforts to continuously strengthen the full-chain protection of intellectual property while actively exploring new models of digital protection to exert the leading role of trials and demonstrations.
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