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 Man sentenced to death for homicide
Category:Judicial News  
Subject:Criminal law   ; Legal proceeding   ; Criminal action   ; People and society  
Publish Date:03-27-2024

SHANGHAI -- A man has been sentenced to death on Friday for poisoning his co-workers' food and drinks, leaving one dead and four others injured.
The man, named Xu Yao, was given capital punishment and a six-year sentence after being convicted of homicide and releasing hazardous substances, according to the Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court.
Between Dec. 14 and 15, 2020, Xu poisoned the food of a co-worker surnamed Lin after they had a conflict over company operation and management, resulting in Lin's death.
Besides, between September and December 2020, Xu poisoned drinks and other items in an office, leaving four co-workers poisoned.
The defendant Xu Yao deliberately killed people by poisoning and endangered public safety. His criminal motive is extremely despicable and should be severely punished according to law, said the court.

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