May 31, 2010
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Notice by the State Council of Issuing the Plan for Development of the Digital Economy During the “14th Five-Year” Period [Effective]
国务院关于印发“十四五”数字经济发展规划的通知 [现行有效]
Notice by the State Council of Issuing the Plan for Development of the Digital Economy During the “14th Five-Year” Period 


(No. 29 [2021] of the State Council) (国发〔2021〕29号)

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government; and all ministries and commissions of the State Council and all institutions directly under the State Council: 各省、自治区、直辖市人民政府,国务院各部委、各直属机构:
The Plan for Development of the Digital Economy during the “14th Five-Year” period is hereby issued for your diligent implementation. 现将《“十四五”数字经济发展规划》印发给你们,请认真贯彻执行。
State Council 国务院
December 12, 2021 2021年12月12日
Plan for Development of the Digital Economy During the “14th Five-Year” Period “十四五”数字经济发展规划
As the main economic modality after the agricultural economy and the industrial economy, the digital economy is a new economic modality that promotes greater unity of fairness and efficiency with data resources as the key element, modern information networks as the main carrier, and with integration and application of information and communication technology and digital transformation of all elements as important driving forces. With the unprecedented rapid development, unprecedented wide coverage, and unprecedented degree of influence, the digital economy is promoting profound changes in production methods, lifestyles and governance methods, and has become a key force in restructuring global factor resources, reshaping the global economic structure, and changing the global competition pattern. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, China's digital economy has entered a new stage featuring in-depth application, standardized development, and inclusive sharing. For the purposes of coping with the new situation and new challenges, seizing the new opportunities for digital development, expanding the new space for economic development, and promoting the sound development of China's digital economy, this Plan is developed in accordance with the Outline of the People's Republic of China for the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and Long-Range Objectives through the Year 2035. 数字经济是继农业经济、工业经济之后的主要经济形态,是以数据资源为关键要素,以现代信息网络为主要载体,以信息通信技术融合应用、全要素数字化转型为重要推动力,促进公平与效率更加统一的新经济形态。数字经济发展速度之快、辐射范围之广、影响程度之深前所未有,正推动生产方式、生活方式和治理方式深刻变革,成为重组全球要素资源、重塑全球经济结构、改变全球竞争格局的关键力量。“十四五”时期,我国数字经济转向深化应用、规范发展、普惠共享的新阶段。为应对新形势新挑战,把握数字化发展新机遇,拓展经济发展新空间,推动我国数字经济健康发展,依据《中华人民共和国国民经济和社会发展第十四个五年规划和2035年远景目标纲要》,制定本规划。
I. Current development status and situation   一、发展现状和形势
1. Development status. (一)发展现状。
During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, China had implemented the digital economy development strategy in an in-depth manner, continuously improved digital infrastructure, accelerated the cultivation of new business types and new models, and achieved positive achievements in promoting digital industrialization and industrial digitization. In 2020, the added value of the core industries of China's digital economy accounted for 7.8% of the gross domestic product (GDP), and the digital economy had provided a strong impetus for the sustainable and sound development of the economy and society. “十三五”时期,我国深入实施数字经济发展战略,不断完善数字基础设施,加快培育新业态新模式,推进数字产业化和产业数字化取得积极成效。2020年,我国数字经济核心产业增加值占国内生产总值(GDP)比重达到7.8%,数字经济为经济社会持续健康发展提供了强大动力。
China's information infrastructure took a leading role in the world. The world's largest optical fiber and fourth-generation mobile communication (4G) network was built, and the construction and application of the fifth-generation mobile communication (5G) network was promoted in an accelerated manner. The penetration rate of broadband users had been increased significantly, with fiber users accounting for more than 94%, penetration rate of mobile broadband users reaching 108%, and the number of active Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) users reaching 460 million. 信息基础设施全球领先。建成全球规模最大的光纤和第四代移动通信(4G)网络,第五代移动通信(5G)网络建设和应用加速推进。宽带用户普及率明显提高,光纤用户占比超过94%,移动宽带用户普及率达到108%,互联网协议第六版(IPv6)活跃用户数达到4.6亿。
Transformation of industrial digitalization was promoted steadily. Agricultural digitalization was promoted in a comprehensive manner. The digitalization level of the service industry was significantly improved. Transformation of industrial digitalization was accelerated, the digitalization level of production equipment of industrial enterprises was continuously improved, and more enterprises were on the “cloud.” 产业数字化转型稳步推进。农业数字化全面推进。服务业数字化水平显著提高。工业数字化转型加速,工业企业生产设备数字化水平持续提升,更多企业迈上“云端”。
New business types and new models competed for development. The digital technologies and various industries were integrated in an accelerated manner, e-commerce was booming, mobile payment was widely popularized, new production and living methods such as online learning, remote conference, online shopping, and live video broadcasts were promoted in an accelerated manner, and the Internet platform was growing day by day. 新业态新模式竞相发展。数字技术与各行业加速融合,电子商务蓬勃发展,移动支付广泛普及,在线学习、远程会议、网络购物、视频直播等生产生活新方式加速推广,互联网平台日益壮大。
The construction of digital government had achieved remarkable results. Integrated government services and regulation efficiency had been greatly improved; new service management models such as “access to government services via a single website,” “a single trip at most,” “management via a single website;” and “collaboration via a single website” had been widely popularized; the digital business environment had been continuously optimized; and online government service level had jumped to the world's leading ranks. 数字政府建设成效显著。一体化政务服务和监管效能大幅度提升,“一网通办”、“最多跑一次”、“一网统管”、“一网协同”等服务管理新模式广泛普及,数字营商环境持续优化,在线政务服务水平跃居全球领先行列。
International cooperation in the digital economy continued to deepen. The G20 Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Initiative had won broad consensus around the world. The interconnection of information infrastructure had achieved remarkable results. The cooperation in “Silk Road E-commerce” had achieved fruitful results. Chinese enterprises on the digital economic platform had accelerated their overseas expansion, and continuously improved their influence and competitiveness. 数字经济国际合作不断深化。《二十国集团数字经济发展与合作倡议》等在全球赢得广泛共识,信息基础设施互联互通取得明显成效,“丝路电商”合作成果丰硕,我国数字经济领域平台企业加速出海,影响力和竞争力不断提升。
Concurrently, the development of China's digital economy also faces some problems and challenges: the lack of innovation capabilities in key fields and the situation that the industrial chain and supply chain are controlled by others have not been fundamentally changed; the digital divide among industries, regions and groups has not been effectively bridged, and even shows the trend of further expansion; the scale of data resources is huge, but the value potentiality has not been fully released; and the digital economy governance system needs to be further improved. 与此同时,我国数字经济发展也面临一些问题和挑战:关键领域创新能力不足,产业链供应链受制于人的局面尚未根本改变;不同行业、不同区域、不同群体间数字鸿沟未有效弥合,甚至有进一步扩大趋势;数据资源规模庞大,但价值潜力还没有充分释放;数字经济治理体系需进一步完善。
2. Current situation. (二)面临形势。
At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is developing in an in-depth manner, and digital transformation has become the general trend. Affected by multiple internal and external factors, the situation faced by the development of China's digital economy is undergoing profound changes. 当前,新一轮科技革命和产业变革深入发展,数字化转型已经成为大势所趋,受内外部多重因素影响,我国数字经济发展面临的形势正在发生深刻变化。
Developing the digital economy is a strategic choice to grasp the new opportunities of the new round of scientific and technological reform and industrial transformation. The digital economy is an important manifestation of a country's comprehensive strength in the digital era and an important engine for building a modern economic system. Major countries in the world attach great importance to the development of the digital economy, have issued strategic plans one after another, and have taken various measures to create new competitive advantages and reshape the new international pattern in the digital era. 发展数字经济是把握新一轮科技革命和产业变革新机遇的战略选择。数字经济是数字时代国家综合实力的重要体现,是构建现代化经济体系的重要引擎。世界主要国家均高度重视发展数字经济,纷纷出台战略规划,采取各种举措打造竞争新优势,重塑数字时代的国际新格局。
Data elements are the core engine for deepening development of the digital economy. The multiplier effect of data on improving production efficiency has become increasingly prominent, and it has become the most characteristic production factor of the times. The explosive growth and massive agglomeration of data contain enormous value and has brought new opportunities to intelligent development. Coordinated promotion of innovation on technology, models, business types and systems and effective use of data elements will bring strong impetus to the digital development of the economy and society. 数据要素是数字经济深化发展的核心引擎。数据对提高生产效率的乘数作用不断凸显,成为最具时代特征的生产要素。数据的爆发增长、海量集聚蕴藏了巨大的价值,为智能化发展带来了新的机遇。协同推进技术、模式、业态和制度创新,切实用好数据要素,将为经济社会数字化发展带来强劲动力。
Digital services are an important way to meet people's needs for a better life. Digital methods are effectively breaking the barriers of time and space, improving the level of inclusiveness of limited resources, greatly facilitating people's lives, and meeting diversified and individualized needs. The development of the digital economy is allowing the people to enjoy tangible and visible benefits. 数字化服务是满足人民美好生活需要的重要途径。数字化方式正有效打破时空阻隔,提高有限资源的普惠化水平,极大地方便群众生活,满足多样化个性化需要。数字经济发展正在让广大群众享受到看得见、摸得着的实惠。
Standardized, sound and sustainable development is an urgent requirement for the high-quality development of the digital economy. The scale of China's digital economy is expanding rapidly, but the problems of unbalanced, insufficient and non-standard development are relatively prominent. It is urgently needed to change the traditional development mode, accelerate the improvement of shortcomings, improve the governance level of China's digital economy, and embark on a high-quality development path. 规范健康可持续是数字经济高质量发展的迫切要求。我国数字经济规模快速扩张,但发展不平衡、不充分、不规范的问题较为突出,迫切需要转变传统发展方式,加快补齐短板弱项,提高我国数字经济治理水平,走出一条高质量发展道路。
II. General requirements   二、总体要求
1. Guiding thought. (一)指导思想。
We must follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era and fully implement the guiding principles of the 19th CPC National Congress and all the Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee. We need to ground our work in the new development stage, apply the new development philosophy in a full, accurate and comprehensive manner, foster a new development pattern and promote high-quality development. We will coordinate development and security while coordinating domestic and international parties. With data as the key elements, and the in-depth integration of digital technologies and the real economy as our main task, we will strengthen the construction of digital infrastructure, improve the governance system of the digital economy, both develop digital industrialization and industrial digitization, facilitate the transformation and upgrading of the traditional industries, foster new industries, new business types and new models, continuously strengthen and optimize China's digital economy, and provide strong support for building a digital China. 以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻党的十九大和十九届历次全会精神,立足新发展阶段,完整、准确、全面贯彻新发展理念,构建新发展格局,推动高质量发展,统筹发展和安全、统筹国内和国际,以数据为关键要素,以数字技术与实体经济深度融合为主线,加强数字基础设施建设,完善数字经济治理体系,协同推进数字产业化和产业数字化,赋能传统产业转型升级,培育新产业新业态新模式,不断做强做优做大我国数字经济,为构建数字中国提供有力支撑。
2. Basic principles. (二)基本原则。
Insisting on innovation-led and integrated development. Innovation shall remain as the primary driving force for development. The strategic supporting role of self-reliance and self-strengthening in science and technology shall be highlighted, to promote the extensive and in-depth penetration of digital technologies into various fields of economic, social and industrial development. The integration and innovation on the digital technologies, application scenarios and business models shall be promoted, to foster a development pattern that promotes the improvement of total factor productivity through technological development and promotes technological progress through field application. 坚持创新引领、融合发展。坚持把创新作为引领发展的第一动力,突出科技自立自强的战略支撑作用,促进数字技术向经济社会和产业发展各领域广泛深入渗透,推进数字技术、应用场景和商业模式融合创新,形成以技术发展促进全要素生产率提升、以领域应用带动技术进步的发展格局。
Insisting on the leading role of applications and data's enabling role. With digital development as a target, and full play given to the advantages of China's massive data, vast market space and rich application scenarios, the value of data elements shall be fully released, the potentiality of data elements shall be activated, the efficient connection of production, distribution, circulation and consumption shall be promoted with data flow, and collaborative innovation on data technology products, application paradigms, business models and institutional mechanisms shall be promoted. 坚持应用牵引、数据赋能。坚持以数字化发展为导向,充分发挥我国海量数据、广阔市场空间和丰富应用场景优势,充分释放数据要素价值,激活数据要素潜能,以数据流促进生产、分配、流通、消费各个环节高效贯通,推动数据技术产品、应用范式、商业模式和体制机制协同创新。
Insisting on fair competition, safety and order. The basic status of competition policy shall be highlighted; equal attention shall be paid to promoting development and establishing regulatory norms; the coordinated regulatory rules and regulations shall be improved; anti-monopoly shall be strengthened and the unregulated expansion of capital shall be prevented; the sound and sustainable development of the platform economy shall be promoted; and the market regulation, macro-control, policy and regulation systems that adapt to the development of the digital economy shall be established and improved, to ensure safety. 坚持公平竞争、安全有序。突出竞争政策基础地位,坚持促进发展和监管规范并重,健全完善协同监管规则制度,强化反垄断和防止资本无序扩张,推动平台经济规范健康持续发展,建立健全适应数字经济发展的市场监管、宏观调控、政策法规体系,牢牢守住安全底线。
Insisting on systematic advancement, coordination and efficiency. The decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources shall be fully maximized, and a new mechanism for the development of the digital economy in which various economic and social entities participate by multiple ways and cooperate with each other shall be established. In consideration of China's industrial structure and resource endowment, the comparative advantages shall be maximized, plans shall be developed systematically, advancement shall be conducted pragmatically, and the role of the government in the development of the digital economy shall be more effectively maximized. 坚持系统推进、协同高效。充分发挥市场在资源配置中的决定性作用,构建经济社会各主体多元参与、协同联动的数字经济发展新机制。结合我国产业结构和资源禀赋,发挥比较优势,系统谋划、务实推进,更好发挥政府在数字经济发展中的作用。
3. Development goals. (三)发展目标。
By 2025, the digital economy will enter a period of comprehensive expansion; the added value of the core industries of the digital economy will account for 10% of GDP; the role of digital innovation in driving development will be greatly improved; the level of intelligence will be significantly enhanced; the integration of digital technologies and the real economy will achieve remarkable results; the digital economy governance system will be better improved; and the competitiveness and influence of China's digital economy will be steadily increased. 到2025年,数字经济迈向全面扩展期,数字经济核心产业增加值占GDP比重达到10%,数字化创新引领发展能力大幅提升,智能化水平明显增强,数字技术与实体经济融合取得显著成效,数字经济治理体系更加完善,我国数字经济竞争力和影响力稳步提升。
—The data element market system will be preliminarily established. The data resource system will be basically established, and data resources will be used to promote the coordination of the entire value chain of research and development, production, circulation, service, and consumption. The market-oriented construction of data elements will achieve results, data rights confirmation, pricing, and transactions will be carried out in an orderly manner, exploration shall be made for the establishment of an income distribution mechanism commensurate with the value and contribution of data elements, and the innovative vitality of market participants shall be stimulated. --数据要素市场体系初步建立。数据资源体系基本建成,利用数据资源推动研发、生产、流通、服务、消费全价值链协同。数据要素市场化建设成效显现,数据确权、定价、交易有序开展,探索建立与数据要素价值和贡献相适应的收入分配机制,激发市场主体创新活力。
—The digital transformation of the industries will reach a new level. The transformation of agriculture sector with digital technologies will be advanced rapidly; the manufacturing industry will be more digitized, internet-powered, and intelligent; the integrated development of the producer service industry will be accelerated and popularized; the diversified expansion of the consumer-oriented service industries will be significantly accelerated; the system for supporting and serving the digital transformation of the industries will be basically complete; and green development will be promoted in the process of digital transformation. --产业数字化转型迈上新台阶。农业数字化转型快速推进,制造业数字化、网络化、智能化更加深入,生产性服务业融合发展加速普及,生活性服务业多元化拓展显著加快,产业数字化转型的支撑服务体系基本完备,在数字化转型过程中推进绿色发展。
—The level of digital industrialization will be significantly improved. The independent innovation capability of digital technologies will be significantly improved; the quality of digital product and service supply will be greatly improved; the core competitiveness of the industry will be significantly enhanced; and the global leading edge will be formed in some fields. New industries, new business types and new models will continuously emerge and be widely popularized, and their driving role in improving the quality and efficiency of the real economy will be significantly enhanced. --数字产业化水平显著提升。数字技术自主创新能力显著提升,数字化产品和服务供给质量大幅提高,产业核心竞争力明显增强,在部分领域形成全球领先优势。新产业新业态新模式持续涌现、广泛普及,对实体经济提质增效的带动作用显著增强。
...... --数字化公共服务更加普惠均等。数字基础设施广泛融入生产生活,对政务服务、公共服务、民生保障、社会治理的支撑作用进一步凸显。数字营商环境更加优化,电子政务服务水平进一步提升,网络化、数字化、智慧化的利企便民服务体系不断完善,数字鸿沟加速弥合。






































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