May 31, 2010
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Guiding Case No. 95 of the Supreme People's Procuratorate: People v. Song A et al. (case of a major liability accident)
Guiding Case No. 95 of the Supreme People's Procuratorate: People v. Song A et al. (case of a major liability accident) 检例第95号:宋某某等人重大责任事故案
Guiding Case No. 95 of the Supreme People's Procuratorate 检例第95号
[Keywords] 关键词
accident investigation report, examination of evidence, appointment of liability, non-prosecution, prosecution of an omitted offender 事故调查报告 证据审查 责任划分 不起诉 追诉漏犯
[Key Points] 【要旨】
A production safety accident investigation report issued by a relevant authority shall be examined taking into account evidence in the whole case, so as to accurately determine the facts of the case and the liability of relevant persons. The liability and methods of enforcing liability of case-related persons shall be accurately determined, any omitted offender if discovered shall be promptly prosecuted, and if the conditions for prosecution are not met, an action not to prosecute shall be made in accordance with the law. 对相关部门出具的安全生产事故调查报告,要综合全案证据进行审查,准确认定案件事实和相关人员责任。要正确区分相关涉案人员的责任和追责方式,发现漏犯及时追诉,对不符合起诉条件的,依法作出不起诉处理。
[Basic Facts] 基本案情
Defendant: Song A (with partial name withheld), male, former mine manager of Shanxi A Coal Company (affiliated to Shanxi B Coal Company). 被告人宋某某。
Defendant: Yang A (with partial name withheld), male, former chief engineer of A Coal Company. 被告人杨某。
Non-prosecuted person: Zhao A (with partial name withheld), male, former worker of A Coal Company. 被不起诉人赵某某。  
In May 2016, Song A as the mine manager of A Coal Company commenced to arrange for workers to start construction by himself, without a construction contractor or an engineering consulting entity, in the process of construction of the No. 3 Coal Seam Auxiliary Mining Project, in violation of the requirements of the Notice of Strengthening the Management of Coal Construction Projects (No. 1039 [2006], NDRC), and signed a false construction and engineering consulting contract with Zhou A (handled in a separate case for the crime of forging a company seal) to defraud the relevant entity in the acceptance inspection. Yang A as the chief engineer of the mine failed to strengthen the design and formulate safety measures in accordance with the actual circumstances, and used conventional designs for existing roadways during the construction of the No. 3 Coal Seam Auxiliary Mining Project, in violation the requirements of the Procedures for Coal Mine Safety (Order No. 87, SAWS), and part of the design data was inconsistent with the relevant requirements, resulting in insufficient support for the roof coal in the existing roadway expansion project. At about 3:50 on March 9, 2017, when the mine construction worker Zhao A directed four workers to clear coal at the intersection of conveyor gateway and the connection of the 3101 fully-mechanized mine face, the roof support failed, causing the overlying coal seam to collapse, leaving three workers dead and Zhao A and another worker injured, resulting in a direct economic loss of 6.359 million yuan. 2016年5月,宋某某作为A煤业公司矿长,在3号煤层配采项目建设过程中,违反《关于加强煤炭建设项目管理的通知》(发改能源〔2006〕1039号)要求,在没有施工单位和监理单位的情况下,即开始自行组织工人进行施工,并与周某某(以伪造公司印章罪另案处理)签订虚假的施工、监理合同以应付相关单位的验收。杨某作为该矿的总工程师,违反《煤矿安全规程》(国家安全监管总局令第87号)要求,未结合实际情况加强设计和制订安全措施,在3号煤层配采施工遇到旧巷时仍然采用常规设计,且部分设计数据与相关要求不符,导致旧巷扩刷工程对顶煤支护的力度不够。2017年3月9日3时50分许,该矿施工人员赵某某带领4名工人在3101综采工作面运输顺槽和联络巷交岔口处清煤时,发生顶部支护板塌落事故,导致上覆煤层坍塌,造成3名工人死亡,赵某某及另一名工人受伤,直接经济损失635.9万元。
[Performance of Duties by the Procuratorial Organ] 【检察机关履职过程】
1. Supplementary investigation (一)补充侦查
On May 5, 2017, the Joint Accident Investigation Team of Changzhi City determined that Song A and Zhao A were respectively subject to main liability and direct liability for the accident and that the acts of the two persons were a suspected crime of major liability accident, and proposed that the public security organ proceed in accordance with the law and that Yang A and other relevant persons be subjected to Party and administrative discipline or administrative punishment. The Shangdang Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Changzhi City filed a case to investigate Zhao A and Song A on suspicion of the crime of major liability accident on March 18, 2018, and transferred them for examination and prosecution to the People's Procuratorate of Shangdang District, Changzhi City (Changzhi County at the time of the case) on May 31. 2017年5月5日,长治市事故联合调查组认定宋某某、赵某某分别负事故的主要责任、直接责任,二人行为涉嫌重大责任事故罪,建议由公安机关依法处理,并建议对杨某等相关人员给予党政纪处分或行政处罚。2018年3月18日,长治市公安局上党分局对赵某某、宋某某以涉嫌重大责任事故罪立案侦查,并于5月31日移送长治市上党区(案发时为长治县)人民检察院审查起诉。
The People's Procuratorate of Shangdang District deemed upon examination that the liability of the case-related persons and part of facts were ambiguous and that some conclusive determination of facts made by the public security organ in combination with the accident investigation report lacked the support of evidence. For example, both the investigation report and the public security organ determined that Zhao A failed to organize the evacuation of personnel in a timely manner when discovering a coal leak from the roof support, and was suspected of the crime of major liability accident. The procuratorial organ discovered upon examination that the evidence for determining the fact was mainly the testimony by the worker Feng A, who made inconsistent statements, and that the existing evidence was insufficient to determine the fact. In order to ascertain the liability of Zhao A, the People's Procuratorate of Shangdang District conducted an investigation independently to investigate and verify evidence such as the testimony by the relevant witness. In addition, both the investigation report and the public security organ determined that the chief engineer Yang A "used conventional designs for existing roadways along the conveyor gateway, and failed to modify the operational procedures or supplement technical safety measures in a timely manner according to the actual circumstances," but there were neither design drawings by Yang A nor relevant operational procedures among the case file material transferred by the public security organ. In response to the above issue, the procuratorial organ returned the case for supplementary investigation for the second time, requesting design drawings by Yang A, related operational procedures, and other evidentiary materials to be provided; and gave a supplementary investigation opinion for the whole case on supplements in relation to who directed the specific construction, whether Song A and shareholder representatives had discussions, and the duties of the safety inspection station chief and safety inspectors, among others, so as to ascertain the specific acts and liability of relevant persons. The public security organ made supplements and improvements to the above evidence subsequently, and ascertained the facts of the case such as the liability of relevant persons. 2018年10月11日,检察官进行案件讨论。
2. Accurately determining the liability of relevant persons (二)准确认定相关人员责任
The People's Procuratorate of Shangdang District deemed upon examination that the main causes of the accident were (1) that the mine commenced construction by itself in violation of provisions, with ineffective safety management of the project and (2) that the design of the support and protection works for expansion of the project did not meet industry standards. On the basis of distinguishing between main and secondary causes and between direct and indirect causes, the People's Procuratorate of Shangdang District accurately distinguished between persons liable for the accident and proceeded accordingly. 上党区人民检察院经审查,认为事故发生的主要原因有:一是该矿违反规定自行施工,项目安全管理不到位;二是项目扩刷支护工程设计不符合行业标准要求。在分清主要和次要原因、直接和间接原因的基础上,上党区人民检察院对事故责任人进行了准确区分,作出相应处理。
...... 第一,依法追究主要责任人宋某某的刑事责任。检察机关审查认为,《关于加强煤炭建设项目管理的通知》要求建设单位要按有关规定,通过招投标方式,结合煤矿建设施工的灾害特点,确定施工和监理单位。宋某某作为建设单位A煤业公司的矿长,是矿井安全生产第一责任人,负责全矿安全生产工作,为节约成本,其违反上述通知要求,在没有施工单位和监理单位(均要求具备相关资质)的情况下,弄虚作假应付验收,无资质情况下自行组织工人施工,长期危险作业,最终发生该起事故,其对事故的发生负主要责任。且事故发生后,其对事故的迟报负直接责任。遂对宋某某以重大责任事故罪向上党区人民法院提起公诉。 

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