May 31, 2010
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Opinions of the People's Bank of China, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and Other Departments on Financial Support for the Consolidation and Expansion of Achievements in Poverty Alleviation to Comprehensively Advance Rural Revitalization [Effective]
中国人民银行、银保监会、证监会等关于金融支持巩固拓展脱贫攻坚成果全面推进乡村振兴的意见 [现行有效]
Opinions of the People's Bank of China, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and Other Departments on Financial Support for the Consolidation and Expansion of Achievements in Poverty Alleviation to Comprehensively Advance Rural Revitalization 


(No. 171 [2021] of the People's Bank of China) (银发〔2021〕171号)

For the purposes of effectively providing rural financial services during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, supporting the consolidation and expansion of achievements in poverty alleviation, and continuously improving the capacity and level of financial services for rural revitalization, the following opinions are hereby put forward. 为切实做好“十四五”时期农村金融服务工作,支持巩固拓展脱贫攻坚成果、持续提升金融服务乡村振兴能力和水平,现提出如下意见。
I. General requirements   一、总体要求
1. Guiding thought. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era, the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, and the second, third, fourth, and fifth plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee shall be comprehensively implemented, the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the Central Rural Work Conference shall be implemented in an in-depth manner, according to the deployments of the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Achieving the Consolidation and Expansion of the Effective Connection between the Achievements in Poverty Alleviation and the Rural Revitalization and the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Comprehensively Promoting Rural Revitalization and Accelerating the Modernization of Agriculture and Rural Areas, the new development concept shall be implemented, by focusing on consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation and comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, the financial products and services shall be innovated on, the financial organization system shall be improved, the basic financial services shall be perfected, and more financial resources shall be guided to invest in the fields of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers,” to boost high-quality and high-efficient agriculture, livable and workable rural areas, and affluent farmers, and provide financial support for accelerating the construction of a new development pattern which is dominated by the domestic big cycle and in which the domestic and international double cycles promote each other. (一)指导思想。以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻党的十九大和十九届二中、三中、四中、五中全会精神,深入落实中央经济工作会议、中央农村工作会议精神,按照《中共中央 国务院关于实现巩固拓展脱贫攻坚成果同乡村振兴有效衔接的意见》和《中共中央 国务院关于全面推进乡村振兴加快农业农村现代化的意见》部署,贯彻新发展理念,围绕巩固拓展脱贫攻坚成果、全面推进乡村振兴,创新金融产品和服务,健全金融组织体系,完善基础金融服务,引导更多金融资源投入“三农”领域,助力农业高质高效、乡村宜居宜业、农民富裕富足,为加快构建以国内大循环为主体、国内国际双循环相互促进的新发展格局提供金融支撑。
2. Overall objectives. In 2021, effective connection and smooth transition between the financial precision poverty alleviation policy system and working mechanism and financial services for rural revitalization shall be realized, and various policies and systems shall be adjusted and optimized. The risks of loans for existing financial precision poverty alleviation shall be controllable, and credit support for and continuous promotion of areas and populations lifted out of poverty shall be continuously advanced, agriculture-related loans shall increase steadily, and diversified financing channels shall be further expanded. (二)总体目标。2021年,金融精准扶贫政策体系和工作机制同金融服务乡村振兴有效衔接、平稳过渡,各项政策和制度调整优化。存量金融精准扶贫贷款风险可控,对脱贫地区和脱贫人口的信贷支持接续推进,涉农贷款稳步增长,多元化融资渠道进一步拓宽。
By 2025, the achievements in financial poverty alleviation shall be consolidated and expanded, and the self-development capability of areas and populations lifted out of poverty shall be significantly enhanced. The system and mechanism of financial services for rural revitalization shall be further improved. The role of credit, bonds, equity, futures, insurance and other financial sub-markets in supporting agriculture shall be effectively played. The construction of the rural credit system shall be advanced in an in-depth manner, the financing situation in key areas of rural revitalization shall be continuously improved, and the capability and level of financial services for rural revitalization shall be significantly improved. 到2025年,金融扶贫成果巩固拓展,脱贫地区和脱贫人口自我发展能力明显增强。金融服务乡村振兴的体制机制进一步健全,信贷、债券、股权、期货、保险等金融子市场支农作用有效发挥,农村信用体系建设深入推进,乡村振兴重点领域融资状况持续改善,金融服务乡村振兴能力和水平显著提升。
3. Basic principles. (三)基本原则。
(1) Combining smooth transition and incremental advancement. The requirements for “abstaining from shirking their responsibilities, repealing poverty alleviation policies, ceasing assistance, and stopping regulation” shall be strictly implemented, the financial assistance policies shall be adjusted and optimized at different levels and in a gradual manner, and the rhythm, intensity and time limit shall be reasonably grasped, to ensure the overall stability of financial support for areas and populations lifted out of poverty, and effectively consolidate the achievements in poverty alleviation. Rural revitalization in poverty-stricken areas shall be continuously advanced, and poverty-stricken areas shall be supported in laying a solid foundation for development and steadily raising the level of development through the development of industries and the improvement of agricultural and rural infrastructure, among others. Qualified targets under monitoring for preventing return to poverty shall be supported, mutatis mutandis to, the relevant policies for populations lifted out of poverty. 1.平稳过渡和梯次推进相结合。严格落实“四个不摘”要求,分层次、有梯度地调整优化金融帮扶政策,合理把握节奏、力度和时限,确保对脱贫地区和脱贫人口的金融支持力度总体稳定,切实巩固好脱贫攻坚成果。接续推进脱贫地区乡村振兴,支持脱贫地区通过发展产业、改善农业农村基础设施等,夯实发展基础,稳步提升发展水平。对符合条件的防止返贫监测对象,参照脱贫人口相关政策予以支持。
(2) Combining overall planning and local circumstances. According to the unified deployment of consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation and comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, overall plans shall be made and policy resultant force shall be improved, to gradually realize a smooth transition from centralized resource support for poverty alleviation to comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization. Concurrently, all localities shall be encouraged to explore the formation of characteristic financial support programs based on their development practices and in light of the local circumstances, and strengthen the summary, publicity and promotion of typical experiences. 2.统筹谋划和因地制宜相结合。按照巩固拓展脱贫攻坚成果、全面推进乡村振兴的统一部署,统筹谋划布局、增强政策合力,逐步实现由集中资源支持脱贫攻坚向全面推进乡村振兴平稳过渡。同时,鼓励各地结合发展实际,因地制宜探索形成特色化金融支持方案,加强典型经验的总结宣传推广。
(3) Combination of market-oriented operation and policy support. The decisive role of the market mechanism shall be maximized, the monetary policy, financial regulatory policy, and assessment and evaluation methods shall be comprehensively utilized to improve the system and mechanism of financial services for rural revitalization, and promote the formation of a market-oriented and sustainable business model. The guiding and leveraging role of fiscal funds shall be maximized, the government financing guarantees and risk sharing mechanisms shall be improved, and the enthusiasm of financial institutions for carrying out agriculture-related business shall be enhanced. 3.市场化运作和政策扶持相结合。充分发挥市场机制的决定性作用,综合运用货币政策、金融监管政策和考核评估手段,健全金融服务乡村振兴的体制机制,推动形成市场化、可持续的业务模式。发挥财政资金的引导和撬动作用,健全政府性融资担保和风险分担机制,提高金融机构开展涉农业务的积极性。
(4) Encouraging the combination of innovation and risk prevention and control. Financial institutions shall be encouraged to innovate on the working mechanism, product system and service model, strengthen the use of financial scientific and technological means, introduce more differentiated financial products and services, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of rural financial services. Concurrently, financial institutions shall be urged to strengthen credit risk prevention and control, regulate corporate governance and internal control mechanism, and strengthen the use and quality monitoring of loan funds. The financial ecological environment in rural areas shall be optimized and the bottom line of avoiding systemic financial risks shall be resolutely guarded. 4.鼓励创新和防控风险相结合。鼓励金融机构创新工作机制、产品体系和服务模式,加强金融科技手段运用,推出更多差异化金融产品和服务,持续提升农村金融服务质效。同时,督促金融机构强化信贷风险防控,规范法人治理和内控机制,加强贷款资金用途和质量监测。优化农村地区金融生态环境,坚决守住不发生系统性金融风险底线。
II. Increasing investment in financial resources in key fields   二、加大对重点领域的金融资源投入
1. Consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation. During the transition period, the overall stability of major financial assistance policies shall be maintained. Credit granting to populations lifted out of poverty, populations prone to falling back into or being caused to fall into poverty, and low-income people with ability to work shall be increased, employment and business start-up of populations lifted out of poverty shall be supported, and inherent driving force for sustainable development shall be enhanced. Areas lifted out of poverty shall be supported in developing characteristic rural industries, and be encouraged to expand consumption of products and services in areas lifted out of poverty, and promote the “going out” of products and services. The follow-up assistance for relocation at another place shall be continuously provided, and financial support for the follow-up development of relocation and resettlement areas at another place shall be increased. Fixed-point assistance shall be continuously provided, and excellent and powerful cadres shall be selected and appointed, to provide support in policies, funds, information, technology, and talents, among others, for assisted regions. (一)巩固拓展脱贫攻坚成果。过渡期内,保持主要金融帮扶政策总体稳定。加大对脱贫人口、易返贫致贫人口和有劳动能力的低收入人口的信贷投放,支持脱贫人口就业创业,增强可持续发展的内生动力。支持脱贫地区发展乡村特色产业,鼓励扩大对脱贫地区产品和服务消费,推动产品和服务“走出去”。继续做好易地搬迁后续帮扶工作,加大对易地搬迁安置区后续发展的金融支持力度。继续做好定点帮扶工作,选优配强干部,为帮扶地区提供政策、资金、信息、技术、人才等支持。
2. Increasing preference in financial resources for key counties for national rural revitalization. On the basis of summarizing the typical experience of financial precision poverty alleviation, financial institutions shall be encouraged and guided to give preference to key counties for national rural revitalization in innovation on product and services, allocation of credit resources, fund transfer pricing, performance assessment, and other respects. During the transitional period, the China Development Bank, the Agricultural Development Bank and the state-owned commercial banks shall, under the premise of compliance with laws and regulations and controllable risks, strive to ensure that the average growth rate of various loans to all key counties for national rural revitalization is higher than the average growth rate of their respective institutions' various loans every year. (二)加大对国家乡村振兴重点帮扶县的金融资源倾斜。在总结金融精准扶贫典型经验的基础上,鼓励和引导金融机构在产品和服务创新、信贷资源配置、资金转移定价、绩效考核等方面对国家乡村振兴重点帮扶县予以倾斜。过渡期内,国家开发银行、农业发展银行和国有商业银行应在依法合规、风险可控前提下,力争每年对全部国家乡村振兴重点帮扶县各项贷款平均增速高于本机构各项贷款平均增速。
3. Strengthening the financing guarantee for important agricultural products such as grains. Financial services for the food security shall be effectively provided, and differentiated support measures shall be developed by centering on the entire industry chain such as construction of high-standard farmland, spring ploughing and making preparations for ploughing and sowing, agricultural machinery and equipment, and circulation, storage and processing of grains. Strong and willing agricultural enterprises shall be encouraged to “go out” and large grain merchants with international competitiveness and pricing power shall be supported the cultivated. Financial services for ensuring stable production and supply of major agricultural products such as pigs, cotton, oil, sugar, and glue shall be effectively provided continuously, to promote the stable and sound development of the agricultural product market. (三)强化对粮食等重要农产品的融资保障。全力做好粮食安全金融服务,围绕高标准农田建设、春耕备耕、农机装备、粮食流通收储加工等全产业链制定差异化支持措施。鼓励有实力有意愿的农业企业“走出去”,支持培育具有国际竞争力和定价权的大粮商。继续做好生猪、棉、油、糖、胶等重要农产品稳产保供金融服务,促进农产品市场平稳健康发展。
4. Establishing and improving the financing support system for the development of the seed industry. A financing monitoring system for key seed enterprises shall be established, the bank-enterprise connection shall be strengthened, medium and long-term credit support for qualified basic breeding research and key breeding projects shall be provided, and financial support for the Agricultural Silicon Valley in Hainan, the seed production bases and the system for breading of fine varieties shall be increased. Angel investment and venture capital funds shall be encouraged to increase capital investment in seed enterprises at the seed stage and the early stage and tackling key and core agricultural technologies, and qualified seed enterprises shall be supported in conducting direct financing through the equity and bond markets. (四)建立健全种业发展融资支持体系。建立重点种业企业融资监测制度,强化银企对接,对符合条件的育种基础性研究和重点育种项目给予中长期信贷支持,加大对南繁硅谷、制种基地和良种繁育体系的金融支持力度。鼓励天使投资、风险投资、创业投资基金加大对种子期、初创期种业企业和农业关键核心技术攻关的资金投入,支持符合条件的种业企业通过股权、债券市场进行直接融资。
5. Supporting the construction of a modern rural industrial system. Diversified financing needs of the rural characteristic industries, agricultural product processing industry, agricultural product circulation system, construction of agricultural modernization demonstration zones, construction of smart agriculture, agricultural technology improvement, and other fields shall be actively met, the effective model of new industries and new business formats such as leisure agriculture, rural tourism, rural health care, and marine pastures shall be innovatively supported, and the integrated development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries shall be promoted. The role of high-quality core enterprises shall be maximized, the collaboration and cooperation of financial institutions and core enterprises shall be strengthened, and supply chain financial products shall be innovated on according to the local circumstances. The development of pilot programs for the “three-in-one” comprehensive cooperation of production, supply and marketing, and credit shall be promoted. The pilot programs of standardization of the entire industrial chain of modern agriculture shall be promoted. The construction of a strong industrial town and a consortium of agricultural industrialization shall be supported. (五)支持构建现代乡村产业体系。积极满足乡村特色产业、农产品加工业、农产品流通体系、农业现代化示范区建设、智慧农业建设、农业科技提升等领域的多样化融资需求,创新支持休闲农业、乡村旅游、农村康养、海洋牧场等新产业新业态的有效模式,推动农村一二三产业融合发展。发挥优质核心企业作用,加强金融机构与核心企业协同配合,因地制宜创新供应链金融产品。推动开展生产、供销、信用“三位一体”综合合作试点。推进现代农业全产业链标准化试点。支持创建产业强镇、农业产业化联合体。
6. Increasing investment in agricultural and rural green development. The investment and financing methods shall be innovated on by centering on the fields such as resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, comprehensive utilization of straw, comprehensive management of agricultural non-point source pollution, comprehensive management of rural water systems, and afforestation. Financial institutions shall be encouraged to issue green financial bonds and raise funds to support the green development of agriculture and rural areas. (六)增加对农业农村绿色发展的资金投入。围绕畜禽粪污资源化利用、秸秆综合利用、农业面源污染综合治理、农村水系综合整治、国土绿化等领域,创新投融资方式。鼓励金融机构发行绿色金融债券,募集资金支持农业农村绿色发展。
7. Making research on effective models of supporting rural construction actions. On the basis of specifying the source of repayment, revenue coverage costs, and compliance with rules of the local government on debt management, financial institutions shall be encouraged to innovate on financial products, increase medium and long-term credit support for rural construction, promote the improvement of rural road transportation, water conservancy, power supply, gas supply, communications, human settlement improvement, warehousing and fresh-keeping cold chain logistics, origin markets of agricultural product and other infrastructure, and assist in upgrading the rural infrastructure. (七)研究支持乡村建设行动的有效模式。在明确还款来源、收益覆盖成本、符合地方政府债务管理规定的基础上,鼓励金融机构创新金融产品,加大对乡村建设的中长期信贷支持力度,推动改善农村道路交通、水利、供电、供气、通信、人居环境整治、仓储保鲜冷链物流、农产品产地市场等基础设施,助力农村基础设施提档升级。
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