May 31, 2010
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Legal Aid Law of the People's Republic of China [Not Yet Effective]
中华人民共和国法律援助法 [尚未生效]
Order of the President of the People's Republic of China 


(No. 93) (第九十三号)

The Legal Aid Law of the People's Republic of China, as adopted at the 30th Session of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China on August 20, 2021, is hereby issued, and shall come into force on January 1, 2022. 《中华人民共和国法律援助法》已由中华人民共和国第十三届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第三十次会议于2021年8月20日通过,现予公布,自2022年1月1日起施行。
Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国主席 习近平
August 20, 2021 2021年8月20日
Legal Aid Law of the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国法律援助法
(Adopted at the 30th Session of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People's Congress on August 20, 2021) (2021年8月20日第十三届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第三十次会议通过)
Contents 目  录
Chapter I General Provisions 第一章 总  则
Chapter II Institutions and Personnel 第二章 机构和人员
Chapter III Forms and Scope 第三章 形式和范围
Chapter IV Procedures and Implementation 第四章 程序和实施
Chapter V Guarantees and Supervision 第五章 保障和监督
Chapter VI Legal Liability 第六章 法律责任
Chapter VII Supplemental Provisions 第七章 附  则
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总  则

Article 1 This Law is enacted for the purposes of regulating and promoting legal aid work, safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of citizens and relevant parties, guaranteeing the proper enforcement of the law, and maintaining social fairness and justice.   第一条 为了规范和促进法律援助工作,保障公民和有关当事人的合法权益,保障法律正确实施,维护社会公平正义,制定本法。
Article 2 For the purposes of this Law, "legal aid" means the system established by the state to gratuitously provide legal advice, representation, criminal defense, and other legal services to citizens in economic hardship and other parties that meet statutory requirements, which is an integral part of the public legal service system.   第二条 本法所称法律援助,是国家建立的为经济困难公民和符合法定条件的其他当事人无偿提供法律咨询、代理、刑事辩护等法律服务的制度,是公共法律服务体系的组成部分。
Article 3 In legal aid work, the leadership of the Communist Party of China shall be upheld, a people-centered approach shall be adhered to, human rights shall be respected and protected, the principles of openness, fairness, and impartiality shall be followed, and the combination of state guarantees and social participation shall be implemented.   第三条 法律援助工作坚持中国共产党领导,坚持以人民为中心,尊重和保障人权,遵循公开、公平、公正的原则,实行国家保障与社会参与相结合。
Article 4 The people's governments at or above the county level shall incorporate legal aid work into national economic and social development plans and basic public service systems and guarantee the development of the cause of legal aid in coordination with economy and society.   第四条 县级以上人民政府应当将法律援助工作纳入国民经济和社会发展规划、基本公共服务体系,保障法律援助事业与经济社会协调发展。
The people's governments at or above the county level shall improve the legal aid guarantee system, include funds related to legal aid in government budgets at the corresponding levels, and establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism, to accommodate the needs of legal aid work and promote the balanced development of legal aid. 县级以上人民政府应当健全法律援助保障体系,将法律援助相关经费列入本级政府预算,建立动态调整机制,保障法律援助工作需要,促进法律援助均衡发展。
Article 5 The justice administrative department of the State Council shall guide and supervise the legal aid work throughout the country. The justice administrative departments of the local people's governments at or above the county level shall guide and supervise the legal aid work in their respective administrative areas.   第五条 国务院司法行政部门指导、监督全国的法律援助工作。县级以上地方人民政府司法行政部门指导、监督本行政区域的法律援助工作。
Other relevant departments of the people's governments at or above the county level shall provide support and guarantees for legal aid work in accordance with their respective functions and duties. 县级以上人民政府其他有关部门依照各自职责,为法律援助工作提供支持和保障。
Article 6 The people's courts, people's procuratorates, and public security authorities shall, within their respective functions and duties, guarantee that the parties obtain legal aid in accordance with the law, and provide convenience for legal aid personnel to carry out their work.   第六条 人民法院、人民检察院、公安机关应当在各自职责范围内保障当事人依法获得法律援助,为法律援助人员开展工作提供便利。
Article 7 A lawyers' association shall guide and support law firms and lawyers in participating in legal aid work.   第七条 律师协会应当指导和支持律师事务所、律师参与法律援助工作。
Article 8 The state shall encourage and support the lawful provision of legal aid by mass groups and organizations, public institutions, and social organizations under the guidance of justice administrative departments.   第八条 国家鼓励和支持群团组织、事业单位、社会组织在司法行政部门指导下,依法提供法律援助。
Article 9 The state shall encourage and provide support for social forces such as enterprises, public institutions, social organizations, and individuals to give support to the cause of legal aid through donation and other means in accordance with the law; and those who meet the conditions shall be given tax incentives.   第九条 国家鼓励和支持企业事业单位、社会组织和个人等社会力量,依法通过捐赠等方式为法律援助事业提供支持;对符合条件的,给予税收优惠。
Article 10 A justice administrative department shall regularly give publicity to and education about legal aid to popularize knowledge of legal aid.   第十条 司法行政部门应当开展经常性的法律援助宣传教育,普及法律援助知识。
The news media shall actively give public interest publicity to legal aid and strengthen public opinion supervision. 新闻媒体应当积极开展法律援助公益宣传,并加强舆论监督。
Article 11 The state shall commend and reward organizations and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to legal aid work in accordance with relevant provisions.   第十一条 国家对在法律援助工作中做出突出贡献的组织和个人,按照有关规定给予表彰、奖励。
Chapter II Institutions and Personnel 

第二章 机构和人员

Article 12 The justice administrative department of a people's government at or above the county level shall establish a legal aid institution. The legal aid institution shall be responsible for organizing the implementation of legal aid work, accepting and examining legal aid applications, appointing lawyers, primary-level legal service workers, legal aid volunteers, and other legal aid personnel to provide legal aid, and paying legal aid allowances.   第十二条 县级以上人民政府司法行政部门应当设立法律援助机构。法律援助机构负责组织实施法律援助工作,受理、审查法律援助申请,指派律师、基层法律服务工作者、法律援助志愿者等法律援助人员提供法律援助,支付法律援助补贴。
Article 13 To suit the needs of work, a legal aid institution may arrange for its employees with lawyer qualifications or qualifications for the legal profession to provide legal aid; and establish legal aid workstations or contact points to accept legal aid applications at the nearest location.   第十三条 法律援助机构根据工作需要,可以安排本机构具有律师资格或者法律职业资格的工作人员提供法律援助;可以设置法律援助工作站或者联络点,就近受理法律援助申请。
Article 14 A legal aid institution may appoint duty lawyers to the people's courts, people's procuratorates, jails, and other venues to provide legal aid in accordance with the law to criminal suspects and defendants who have no defenders.   第十四条 法律援助机构可以在人民法院、人民检察院和看守所等场所派驻值班律师,依法为没有辩护人的犯罪嫌疑人、被告人提供法律援助。
Article 15 A justice administrative department may, through government procurement and other means, select the best law firms and other legal service institutions to provide legal aid to any recipient.   第十五条 司法行政部门可以通过政府采购等方式,择优选择律师事务所等法律服务机构为受援人提供法律援助。
Article 16 Law firms, primary-level legal service offices, lawyers, and primary-level legal service workers shall have an obligation to provide legal aid in accordance with the law.   第十六条 律师事务所、基层法律服务所、律师、基层法律服务工作者负有依法提供法律援助的义务。
Law firms and primary-level legal service offices shall support and guarantee the performance of the legal aid obligation by their lawyers and primary-level legal service workers. 律师事务所、基层法律服务所应当支持和保障本所律师、基层法律服务工作者履行法律援助义务。
Article 17 The state shall encourage and regulate voluntary legal aid services; and support eligible individuals in providing legal aid in accordance with the law as legal aid volunteers.   第十七条 国家鼓励和规范法律援助志愿服务;支持符合条件的个人作为法律援助志愿者,依法提供法律援助。
Higher education institutions and scientific research institutions may arrange for personnel engaged in legal education and research and law-major students to act as legal aid volunteers and, under the guidance of justice administrative departments, provide the parties with legal advice, commissioned preparation of legal documents, and other legal aid services. 高等院校、科研机构可以组织从事法学教育、研究工作的人员和法学专业学生作为法律援助志愿者,在司法行政部门指导下,为当事人提供法律咨询、代拟法律文书等法律援助。
Specific measures for the administration of legal aid volunteers shall be formulated by the relevant departments of the State Council. 法律援助志愿者具体管理办法由国务院有关部门规定。
Article 18 The state shall establish and improve the mechanism for lawful and cross-regional flow of legal service resources, encourage and provide support for law firms, lawyers and legal aid volunteers to provide legal aid in the regions short of legal service resources.   第十八条 国家建立健全法律服务资源依法跨区域流动机制,鼓励和支持律师事务所、律师、法律援助志愿者等在法律服务资源相对短缺地区提供法律援助。
Article 19 Legal aid personnel shall perform their duties in accordance with the law, provide recipients with legal aid services that meet standards in a timely manner, and safeguard the lawful rights and interests of recipients.   第十九条 法律援助人员应当依法履行职责,及时为受援人提供符合标准的法律援助服务,维护受援人的合法权益。
Article 20 Legal aid personnel shall abide by professional ethics and practice discipline, and shall not accept any property from recipients.   第二十条 法律援助人员应当恪守职业道德和执业纪律,不得向受援人收取任何财物。
Article 21 Legal aid institutions and legal aid personnel shall keep confidential the state secrets, trade secrets, and personal privacy to which they have access during the process of providing legal aid.   第二十一条 法律援助机构、法律援助人员对提供法律援助过程中知悉的国家秘密、商业秘密和个人隐私应当予以保密。
Chapter III Forms and Scope 

第三章 形式和范围

Article 22 A legal aid institution may arrange for legal aid personnel to provide the following forms of legal aid services in accordance with the law:   第二十二条 法律援助机构可以组织法律援助人员依法提供下列形式的法律援助服务:
(1) Legal advice. (一)法律咨询;
(2) Commissioned preparation of legal documents. (二)代拟法律文书;
(3) Criminal defense and representation. (三)刑事辩护与代理;
(4) Litigation representation and non-litigation representation in civil cases, administrative cases, and state compensation cases. (四)民事案件、行政案件、国家赔偿案件的诉讼代理及非诉讼代理;
(5) Legal aid from duty lawyers. (五)值班律师法律帮助;
(6) Representation in mediation in and arbitration of labor disputes. (六)劳动争议调解与仲裁代理;
(7) Other forms specified by laws, regulations, and rules. (七)法律、法规、规章规定的其他形式。
Article 23 A legal aid institution shall provide legal advice by various means such as service windows, telephones, and the Internet; and remind parties of their right to apply for legal aid in accordance with the law, and inform them of the conditions and procedures for applying for legal aid.   第二十三条 法律援助机构应当通过服务窗口、电话、网络等多种方式提供法律咨询服务;提示当事人享有依法申请法律援助的权利,并告知申请法律援助的条件和程序。
Article 24 Where a criminal suspect or defendant in a criminal case fails to entrust a defender due to economic hardship or any other reason, he or she and any of his or her close relatives may apply to a legal aid institution for legal aid.   第二十四条 刑事案件的犯罪嫌疑人、被告人因经济困难或者其他原因没有委托辩护人的,本人及其近亲属可以向法律援助机构申请法律援助。
Article 25 Where a criminal suspect or defendant in a criminal case is any of the following persons failing to entrust a defender, the people's court, people's procuratorate, or public security authority shall notify a legal aid institution that it should appoint a lawyer as defender:   第二十五条 刑事案件的犯罪嫌疑人、被告人属于下列人员之一,没有委托辩护人的,人民法院、人民检察院、公安机关应当通知法律援助机构指派律师担任辩护人:
(1) Minors. (一)未成年人;
(2) Persons with visual, hearing, or speech disabilities. (二)视力、听力、言语残疾人;
(3) Adults unable to fully discern their own conduct. (三)不能完全辨认自己行为的成年人;
(4) Persons who may be sentenced to life imprisonment or death. (四)可能被判处无期徒刑、死刑的人;
(5) Defendants in death sentence review cases who apply for legal aid. (五)申请法律援助的死刑复核案件被告人;
(6) Defendants in a case tried in absentia. (六)缺席审判案件的被告人;
(7) Other persons prescribed by laws and regulations. (七)法律法规规定的其他人员。
Where a defendant in any other criminal case tried under ordinary procedures fails to entrust a defender, the people's court may notify a legal aid institution that it should appoint a lawyer as defender. 其他适用普通程序审理的刑事案件,被告人没有委托辩护人的,人民法院可以通知法律援助机构指派律师担任辩护人。
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