May 31, 2010
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Measures for the Unified Registration of Security Interests Over Movable Properties and Rights [Effective]
动产和权利担保统一登记办法 [现行有效]

Order of the People's Bank of China
(No. 7 [2021])
The Measures for the Unified Registration of Security Interests Over Movable Properties and Rights, adopted on November 18, 2021 at the eleventh executive meeting of the People' s Bank of China in 2021, is hereby issued and shall come into force as of February 1, 2022.
Yi Gang, Governor of the People's Bank of China
December 28, 2021
Measures for the Unified Registration of Security Interests Over Movable Properties and Rights



行 长 易纲
Chapter I General Provisions

第一章 总 则

Article 1 This Measures is formulated in accordance with the Civil Code of the People's Republic of China, Regulations on Optimizing Business Environment, Decision of the State Council on the Implementation of Unified Registration of Security Interests over Movable Properties and Rights (Guo Fa [2020] No. 18), and other applicable laws and regulations to regulate the unified registration of security interests over movable properties and rights and protect the lawful rights and interests of security parties and interested persons.
   第一条 为规范动产和权利担保统一登记,保护担保当事人和利害关系人的合法权益,根据《中华人民共和国民法典》、《优化营商环境条例》、《国务院关于实施动产和权利担保统一登记的决定》(国发〔2020〕18号)等相关法律法规规定,制定本办法。
Article 2 The following types of security are included within the scope of unified registration of security interests over movable properties and rights:
   第二条 纳入动产和权利担保统一登记范围的担保类型包括:
(1) mortgage of production equipment, raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished products;
(2) pledge of accounts receivable;
(3) pledge of certificates of deposit, warehouse receipts, and bills of lading;
(4) financial leasing;
(5) factoring;
(6) retention of title; and
(7) other security interests over movable properties and rights that can be registered, except for mortgage of motor vehicles, vessels, and aircrafts and pledge of bonds, fund shares, equity interest, or proprietary rights in intellectual properties.
Article 3 In this Measures, “account receivable” refers to the right of the creditor to demand or other claim payment from the debtor for providing certain goods, services, or facilities, including existing and future pecuniary claims, but excluding the right to demand payment which arises from negotiable instruments or other negotiable securities as well as that the transfer of which is prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.
In this Measures, an account receivable covers the following claims:
   第三条 本办法所称应收账款是指应收账款债权人因提供一定的货物、服务或设施而获得的要求应收账款债务人付款的权利以及依法享有的其他付款请求权,包括现有的以及将有的金钱债权,但不包括因票据或其他有价证券而产生的付款请求权,以及法律、行政法规禁止转让的付款请求权。
(1) Claims arising from sales or rentals, including sale of goods; supply of water, electricity, gas, or heating; licensing of intellectual property rights; and rental of movable or immovable properties;
(2) Claims arising from the provision of medical, educational, tourism, and other similar services or contracted services;
(3) Rights to the income arising from infrastructure and public utility projects such as energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, and municipal engineering projects;
(4) Claims arising from the provision of loans or other credits; and
(5) Other contract-based claims involving monetary payment.
Article 4 The Credit Reference Center (the “Credit Reference Center”) of the People's Bank of China (“PBC”) is the registrar for security interests over movable properties and rights. The Credit Reference Center handles registration as a service but does not provide pre-transaction approval and registration or perform substantive review of the matters to be registered.
The Credit Reference Center establishes an internet-based unified registration and public notification system for movable properties financing (the “Unified Registration System”) to provide the public with registration and information inquiry services with respect to security interests over movable properties and rights.
   第四条 中国人民银行征信中心(以下简称征信中心)是动产和权利担保的登记机构,具体承担服务性登记工作,不开展事前审批性登记,不对登记内容进行实质审查。
Article 5 The PBC supervises and guides the activities of Credit Reference Center relating to its registration and inquiry services.
   第五条 中国人民银行对征信中心登记和查询服务有关活动进行督促指导。
Chapter II Registration and Inquiry

第二章 登记与查询

Article 6 Registration of security interests over movable properties and rights that are included into the scope of unified registration shall be completed through the Unified Registration System.
   第六条 纳入统一登记范围的动产和权利担保登记通过统一登记系统办理。
Article 7 Registration shall be performed by the security interest holder. A security interest holder shall reach an agreement with the security provider on the particulars to be registered before the registration.
The security interest holder may also appoint another person to perform the registration on its behalf. In such a case, the provisions of this Measures on registration by a security interest holder shall apply equally to that other person.
   第七条 担保权人办理登记。担保权人办理登记前,应当与担保人就登记内容达成一致。
Article 8 A security interest holder shall register as a user of the Unified Registration System before registration of security interests.
   第八条 担保权人办理登记时,应当注册为统一登记系统的用户。
Article 9 The particulars of a registration shall include the basic information about the security interest holder and security provider, a description of the collateral, and duration of the registration.
   第九条 登记内容包括担保权人和担保人的基本信息、担保财产的描述、登记期限。

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