May 31, 2010
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Notice by the General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission of Issuing the Statistical System for Green Insurance Business [Effective]
中国银保监会办公厅关于印发绿色保险业务统计制度的通知 [现行有效]
Notice by the General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission of Issuing the Statistical System for Green Insurance Business 


All insurance companies: 各保险公司:
For the purposes of implementing the new development concept, maximizing the positive role of insurance in establishing and improving the green, low-carbon and circular development economic system and promoting the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, in accordance with the requirements set forth in the Notice by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission of Issuing Guidelines on Green Finance for the Banking and Insurance Industries (No. 15 [2022], CBIRC) and other documents, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (“CBIRC”) has developed the Statistical System for Green Insurance Business (hereinafter referred to as the “Statistical System”), which is hereby issued for your compliance and implementation. You are hereby notified of the following matters: 为贯彻落实新发展理念,发挥保险在建立健全绿色低碳循环发展经济体系、促进经济社会发展全面绿色转型中的积极作用,根据《中国银保监会关于印发银行业保险业绿色金融指引的通知》(银保监发〔2022〕15号)等文件要求,银保监会制定了《绿色保险业务统计制度》(以下简称《统计制度》),现予印发,请遵照执行。并就有关事项通知如下:
I. Accurately grasping the connotation and significance of green insurance   一、准确把握绿色保险的内涵及意义
Green insurance is a general term for the economic activities of the insurance industry to provide protection against risks and financial support in such respects as environmental resource protection and social governance, operation of the green industry, and green living consumption. The liability side includes insurance products and services provided by insurance institutions by focusing on green, low-carbon and sustainable development; and the asset side includes investment in green industries by insurance funds. Under the principle of emphasizing key points and prioritizing urgent use, statistics may only be conducted for the green insurance business on the liability side under the Statistical System. 绿色保险,是指保险业在环境资源保护与社会治理、绿色产业运行和绿色生活消费等方面提供风险保障和资金支持等经济行为的统称。负债端包括保险机构围绕绿色低碳、可持续发展提供的保险产品和服务;资产端包括保险资金在绿色产业进行的投资。按照重点突出、急用先行的原则,《统计制度》仅统计绿色保险负债端业务。
Green insurance not only maximizes a positive role in strengthening environmental risk management, facilitating the development of green industries and the application of new green technological achievements, and strengthening environmental and ecological protection, but also may continuously raise the awareness of the public and society in green environmental protection, guide the investment of social resources, and promote economic, social and ecological priority, conservation and intensiveness, green and low-carbon development. It is an effective measure for implementing the overall national strategy of ecological civilization, promoting the building of a beautiful China, and assisting in achieving the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. 绿色保险,不仅在加强环境等风险管理、助力绿色产业发展和绿色技术新成果应用、加强环境生态保护等方面发挥积极作用,还可不断提升公众和社会的绿色环保意识,引导社会资源投向,促进经济社会生态优先、节约集约、绿色低碳发展,是落实国家生态文明整体战略、推进美丽中国建设、助力碳达峰碳中和目标实现的有效举措。
II. Fully understanding the significance of establishing a statistical system for green insurance business   二、充分认识建立绿色保险业务统计制度的重要性
The statistical system for green insurance business may systematically and comprehensively present the function of insurance business in promoting green development, promote the statistical management of green insurance business having been carried out by the industry, improve the quality of green insurance business, and guide the industry to continuously strengthen the innovation in insurance business in various segments of green development. All companies shall attach great importance to the statistical work of green insurance business, accurately grasp the definition and connotation of green insurance, closely focus on the concept of green development, and effectively complete the statistical work of green insurance business with high quality. 绿色保险业务统计制度可系统、全面地呈现保险业务在推动绿色发展方面的功能作用,促进行业对已开展绿色保险业务的统计管理,提升绿色保险业务质量,引导行业持续加强对绿色发展各细分领域保险业务的创新。各公司应高度重视绿色保险业务统计工作,准确把握绿色保险定义及其内涵,紧密围绕绿色发展理念,高质量地做好绿色保险业务统计工作。
III. Moving forward with the statistical work of green insurance business step by step in an orderly manner   三、分步骤有序推进绿色保险业务统计工作
All companies shall submit monthly reports on a pilot basis from December 2022, and submit the national data of the Statistical Form of Green Insurance Business at the stage of pilot submission. From July 2023, all companies shall officially submit the data of the Statistical Form of Green Insurance Business of the whole nation, all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central government, and cities under separate state planning). 各公司应于2022年12月起按月开展试报送,试报送阶段报送《绿色保险业务统计表》的全国数据。自2023年7月起,各公司正式报送《绿色保险业务统计表》的全国及各省(自治区、直辖市、计划单列市)数据。
IV. Other work requirements   四、其他工作要求
1. Each company shall strengthen its capacity building of green insurance, strengthen its data governance of green insurance business, optimize its construction of information system, and establish and improve its identification and management mechanism for green insurance products, green industrial customers and subject matter of green insurance. To effectively prepare for the formal submission, from January 2023, each company shall identify its insurance business serving green industrial customers. 1.各公司要加强绿色保险能力建设,强化绿色保险业务数据治理,优化信息系统建设,建立健全对绿色保险产品、绿色产业客户和绿色保险标的的识别及管理机制。为做好正式报送准备工作,自2023年1月起各公司应对服务绿色产业客户的保险业务进行标识。
2. Each company shall specify a centralized department and responsible persons for the statistical work of green insurance business, and designate a contact person, and send the information on the responsible persons and contact person to the email addresses before December 1, 2022. 2.各公司应明确绿色保险业务统计工作归口部门和责任人,并指定一名联系人,于2022年12月1日前将责任人及联系人信息反馈至联系邮箱。
3. Each company shall be responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of the submitted data. Once the data is submitted, no modification shall be made at will. In case of any misstatement, delay, concealment, omission or otherwise in respect of data submission, the CBIRC shall adopt regulatory measures as the case may be, and severely hold the company involved and its relevant personnel accountable. 3.各公司应对上报数据的真实性、准确性、完整性负责。数据一经上报,不得随意修改。数据存在错报、迟报、瞒报、漏报等情况的,银保监会将视情况采取监管措施,严肃追究公司及相关人员责任。
4. For any problem during the implementation, please contact the Property and Casualty Insurance Supervision Department of the CBIRC in a timely manner. 4.执行过程中如有问题,请及时与银保监会财险部联系。
General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission 中国银保监会办公厅
November 10, 2022 2022年11月10日
Statistical System for Green Insurance Business 绿色保险业务统计制度
I. Introduction   一、引言
This System is developed in accordance with the Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations, as well as the Guiding Opinions on Building a Green Financial System, the Guidance Catalogue of the Green Industry, the Guidelines for Green Finance in the Banking and Insurance Industries and other documents, aiming at collecting data on green insurance business of insurance companies and reflecting the development of green insurance business of all insurance companies. 本制度根据《中华人民共和国保险法》等法律法规,以及《关于构建绿色金融体系的指导意见》《绿色产业指导目录》《银行业保险业绿色金融指引》等文件制定,旨在收集保险公司绿色保险业务数据,反映各保险公司绿色保险业务发展情况。
II. General explanation   二、一般说明
1. Name of statement: Statistical Form of Green Insurance Business (一)报表名称:绿色保险业务统计表
2. Contents of statistics: the green insurance business of insurance companies, including three respects: first, the insurance business providing protection against Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks; second, the insurance business providing protection for the green industry; and third, the insurance business providing protection for green living. (二)统计内容:主要统计各保险公司绿色保险业务情况,包括三方面内容:一是为环境、社会、治理风险(ESG)提供保障的保险业务;二是为绿色产业提供保障的保险业务;三是为绿色生活提供保障的保险业务。
3. Submitting institution: head office of each insurance company (三)填报机构:各保险公司总公司
4. Submission standards: (四)报送口径:
(1) For this Statistical Form, statistics shall be conducted by combining the product dimension and the customer dimension. Statistics by product dimension means that all the business of relevant insurance products is included in the statistics. Statistics by the customer dimension means that all insurance business related to the green industry operations by each customer (i.e., the applicant or the insured) is included in the statistics, in principle; and qualified insurance companies are encouraged to further determine whether their insurance business falls under green insurance in consideration of the specific conditions of the subject matter insured, and include it in the statistical items of the relevant green industry. 1.本统计表按照产品维度和客户维度相结合的方式进行统计。按照产品维度进行统计是指相关保险产品发生的所有业务均纳入统计。按照客户维度进行统计,是指所有与客户(即投保人或被保险人)自身绿色产业经营相关的保险业务原则上均纳入统计;鼓励有条件的保险公司,结合保险标的具体情况,进一步判断保险业务是否属于绿色保险,并纳入相关绿色产业统计科目项下。
...... ......

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