May 31, 2010
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Notice by the National Financial Regulatory Administration of Issuing the Measures for the Regulatory Ratings of Personal Insurance Companies [Effective]
国家金融监督管理总局关于印发人身保险公司监管评级办法的通知 [现行有效]
Notice by the National Financial Regulatory Administration of Issuing the Measures for the Regulatory Ratings of Personal Insurance Companies 


(No. 4 [2024] of the State Administration for Financial Regulation) (金规〔2024〕4号)

All local offices of the National Administration of Financial Regulation and all personal insurance companies: 各监管局,各人身保险公司:
For the purposes of strengthening the classified supervision of personal insurance companies and promoting the high-quality development of the personal insurance industry, the Measures for the Regulatory Ratings of Personal Insurance Companies are hereby issued and the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows for your compliance and implementation. 为强化人身保险公司分类监管,推动人身保险业高质量发展,现将《人身保险公司监管评级办法》印发给你们,并将有关事项通知如下,请遵照执行。
I. All local offices shall reasonably allocate regulatory resources, effectively complete regulatory ratings of territorial incorporated institutions according to the division of duties, and strengthen the risk monitoring of branches of personal insurance companies in light of the actual circumstances of the jurisdictions, to achieve early identification, early warning, early exposure and early disposal.   一、各监管局要合理配置监管资源,根据职责分工做好属地法人机构的监管评级工作,并结合辖区实际,加强人身保险公司分支机构风险监测,做到早识别、早预警、早暴露、早处置。
II. All personal insurance companies shall effectively fulfill the primary responsibilities of risk management, and further improve the ability to serve the high-quality development of economy and society. Relevant data shall be entered in accordance with the requirements of the annexed table, and the first submission (including the data as of the end of 2023 and the end of the first quarter of 2024) shall be completed before April 20, 2024.   二、各人身保险公司要切实履行风险管理的主体责任,进一步提升服务经济社会高质量发展的能力。要按照附表要求填报相关数据,首次报送(含2023年年末和2024年一季度末数据)应于2024年4月20日前完成。
State Administration for Financial Regulation 国家金融监督管理总局
March 18, 2024 2024年3月18日
Measures for the Regulatory Ratings of Life Insurance Companies 人身保险公司监管评级办法
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总则

Article 1 For the purposes of strengthening institutional supervision and classified supervision of personal insurance companies, rationally allocating regulatory resources, improving regulatory quality and efficiency, and promoting the high-quality development of personal insurance companies, these Measures are developed according to the Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China, the Interim Measures for Off-site Supervision of Insurance Companies (Order No. 3 [2022], CBIRC) and other relevant provisions.   第一条 为加强人身保险公司机构监管和分类监管,合理配置监管资源,提高监管质效,推动人身保险公司高质量发展,根据《中华人民共和国保险法》《保险公司非现场监管暂行办法》(中国银行保险监督管理委员会令2022年第3号)等有关规定,制定本办法。
Article 2 These Measures are applicable to personal insurance companies that have commended business for more than one complete accounting year, and the National Financial Regulatory Administration may conduct trial ratings on personal insurance companies newly formed in the current year according to these Measures.   第二条 本办法适用于开业满一个完整会计年度以上的人身保险公司,金融监管总局可依据本办法对当年新设立的人身保险公司进行试评级。
Article 3 As the basis for implementing classified supervision over personal insurance companies, regulatory ratings of personal insurance companies refer to the regulatory process of evaluating the overall situation of personal insurance companies according to the relevant information obtained from the industrial data, off-site monitoring, on-site inspection, etc.   第三条 人身保险公司监管评级是指监管机构根据行业数据和非现场监测、现场检查等掌握的相关情况,按照本办法对人身保险公司的整体状况进行评估的监管过程,是对人身保险公司实施分类监管的基础。
Article 4 The National Financial Regulatory Administration and its local offices shall conduct routine dynamic monitoring and risk early warning of personal insurance companies in accordance with these Measures, and conduct a regulatory rating of the overall risk status of personal insurance companies on an annual basis.   第四条 金融监管总局及其派出机构根据本办法对人身保险公司进行日常动态监测和风险预警,并每年对人身保险公司的整体风险状况进行一次监管评级。
Chapter II Risk Monitoring and Regulatory Rating Elements 

第二章 风险监测和监管评级要素

Article 5 Risk monitoring and regulatory rating elements of personal insurance companies include such six dimensions as corporate governance, business operation, fund utilization, asset liability management, solvency management and other respects. In addition, the “information on performance of Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) responsibilities” is set as a special bonus item, and appropriate bonus points are given to personal insurance companies that carry out green insurance and universal insurance.   第五条 人身保险公司风险监测和监管评级要素包含公司治理、业务经营、资金运用、资产负债管理、偿付能力管理和其他方面六个维度。另设置“履行环境社会治理(ESG)责任情况”作为特别加分项,对开展绿色保险、普惠保险较多的人身保险公司,给予适当加分。
(1) Dimension of corporate governance. By subdividing into such two categories as compliance and equity, corporate governance risks shall be comprehensively evaluated. (一)公司治理维度。细分合规性、股权两类要点,综合评价公司治理风险状况。
(2) Dimension of business operation. By subdividing into such seven categories as compliance, structure, guarantee, quality, cost, personnel and liability reserve, the business risk status shall be comprehensively evaluated. (二)业务经营维度。细分合规性、结构类、保障类、品质类、成本类、人员类和责任准备金类七类要点,综合评价业务经营风险状况。
(3) Dimension of fund utilization. By subdividing into compliance, market risk, credit risk, concentration risk, investment income, internal control and other categories, the risk situation of fund utilization shall be comprehensively evaluated. (三)资金运用维度。细分合规性、市场风险类、信用风险类、集中度风险类、投资收益类、内部控制类和其他类七类要点,综合评价资金运用风险状况。
(4) Dimension of management of assets and liabilities. By subdividing into such five categories as compliance, term structure matching, cost-benefit matching, cash flow matching and financial leverage, the risk status of asset liability management shall be comprehensively evaluated. (四)资产负债管理维度。细分合规性、期限结构匹配类、成本收益匹配类、现金流匹配类、财务杠杆类五类要点,综合评价资产负债管理风险状况。
(5) Dimension of solvency management. By subdividing into such three categories as compliance, solvency adequacy ratio and internal control, the solvency risk status shall be comprehensively evaluated. (五)偿付能力管理维度。细分合规性、偿付能力充足率和内部控制类三类要点,综合评价偿付能力风险状况。
(6) Other respects. By subdividing into such six categories as compliance, strategic risk, reputation risk, protection of consumers' rights, information system and case risk, the risk status of other respects shall be comprehensively evaluated. (六)其他方面维度。细分合规性、战略风险类、声誉风险类、消费者权益保护、信息系统和案件风险类六类要点,综合评价其他方面风险状况。
Article 6 The National Financial Regulatory Administration may revise and improve the contents, indicators and rules of risk monitoring and regulatory rating of personal insurance companies according to the needs of supervision over personal insurance.   第六条 金融监管总局可以根据人身保险监管工作需要,修订完善人身保险公司风险监测和监管评级内容、指标和规则。
Chapter III Risk Monitoring Process 

第三章 风险监测流程

Article 7 Off-site supervisors shall comprehensively consider the allocation of regulatory resources, the development of the personal insurance industry, the operating characteristics of the personal insurance company and the degree of systemic importance, and determine the appropriate frequency of risk monitoring. In principle, the frequency of risk monitoring shall not be less than once per month.   第七条 非现场监管人员综合考虑监管资源的配置情况、人身保险业的发展情况、人身保险公司的经营特点和系统重要性程度等因素,确定合适的风险监测频率。风险监测频率原则上不低于1次/月。
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