May 31, 2010
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Regulation on the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests [Not Yet Effective]
中华人民共和国消费者权益保护法实施条例 [尚未生效]
Order of the State Council of the People's Republic of China 


(No. 778) (第778号)

The Regulation on the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, as adopted at the 26th executive meeting of the State Council on February 23, 2024, is hereby issued and shall come into force on July 1, 2024. 中华人民共和国消费者权益保护法实施条例》已经2024年2月23日国务院第26次常务会议通过,现予公布,自2024年7月1日起施行。
Premier: Li Qiang 总理 李强
March 15, 2024 2024年3月15日
Regulation on the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests 中华人民共和国消费者权益保护法实施条例
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总  则

Article 1 This Regulation is developed in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests (hereinafter referred to as the “Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests”) and other laws.   第一条 根据《中华人民共和国消费者权益保护法》(以下简称消费者权益保护法)等法律,制定本条例。
Article 2 In the protection of consumer rights and interests, the leadership of the Communist Party of China shall be insisted on, the principle of people-orientation shall be insisted on, and the principles of legality, fairness and efficiency shall be followed.   第二条 消费者权益保护工作坚持中国共产党的领导,坚持以人民为中心,遵循合法、公平、高效的原则。
Article 3 The state shall strengthen the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and establish and improve a joint governance system for the protection of consumer rights and interests in consideration of law compliance by operators, industrial self-regulation, participation by consumers, government supervision and social supervision.   第三条 国家加大消费者合法权益保护力度,建立和完善经营者守法、行业自律、消费者参与、政府监管和社会监督相结合的消费者权益保护共同治理体系。
Article 4 The state shall promote the construction of the consumption environment as a whole, create a safe and assured consumption environment, and enhance the basic role of consumption in economic development.   第四条 国家统筹推进消费环境建设,营造安全放心的消费环境,增强消费对经济发展的基础性作用。
Article 5 The state shall strengthen the construction of a standard system for consumer commodities and services, encourage operators to develop and implement enterprise standards that are stricter than national standards or industrial standards, and continuously improves the quality of commodities and services.   第五条 国家加强消费商品和服务的标准体系建设,鼓励经营者制定实施严于国家标准或者行业标准的企业标准,不断提升商品和服务质量。
Article 6 The state shall advocate civilized, healthy and green consumption concepts and modes, and oppose extravagance and waste.   第六条 国家倡导文明、健康、绿色的消费理念和消费方式,反对奢侈浪费。
Chapter II Consumer Rights and Obligations of Operators 

第二章 消费者的权利和经营者的义务

Article 7 A consumer shall, in accordance with the law, enjoy the right to personal and property safety from damage when purchasing commodities, using commodities or accepting services.   第七条 消费者在购买商品、使用商品或者接受服务时,依法享有人身和财产安全不受损害的权利。
When providing commodities or services (including free provision of commodities or services for consumers in the form of incentives, gifts, trial, etc.) for consumers, an operator shall ensure that the commodities or services satisfy the requirements for protecting personal and property safety. Where the commodities or services provided free of charge are defective but do not violate the mandatory provisions of the law and do not affect the normal performance of use, the operator shall truthfully notify the consumer before providing commodities or services. 经营者向消费者提供商品或者服务(包括以奖励、赠送、试用等形式向消费者免费提供商品或者服务),应当保证商品或者服务符合保障人身、财产安全的要求。免费提供的商品或者服务存在瑕疵但不违反法律强制性规定且不影响正常使用性能的,经营者应当在提供商品或者服务前如实告知消费者。
An operator shall ensure that their business premises and facilities satisfy the requirements for the protection of personal and property safety, take necessary safety protection measures, and set up corresponding warning signs. When a consumer encounters danger or is infringed upon at the business premises, the operator shall provide timely and necessary assistance. 经营者应当保证其经营场所及设施符合保障人身、财产安全的要求,采取必要的安全防护措施,并设置相应的警示标识。消费者在经营场所遇到危险或者受到侵害时,经营者应当给予及时、必要的救助。
Article 8 Where a consumer deems that commodities or services provided by an operator may be defective and endanger the personal or property safety, it may report the situation or put forward suggestions to the operator or the relevant administrative department.   第八条 消费者认为经营者提供的商品或者服务可能存在缺陷,有危及人身、财产安全危险的,可以向经营者或者有关行政部门反映情况或者提出建议。
Where an operator finds that commodities or services provided by it may be defective and endanger the personal or property safety, it shall take relevant measures in a timely manner in accordance with the provisions of Article 19 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests. Where recall measures are taken, an operator producing or importing commodities shall develop a recall plan, publish the recall information, clearly notify consumers of their relevant rights, keep complete recall records, and assume necessary expenses incurred by consumers due to the recall of commodities. Commodity sales, leasing, repair, parts production and supply, commissioned production and other relevant operators shall perform the relevant assistance and cooperation obligations for recall in accordance with the law. 经营者发现其提供的商品或者服务可能存在缺陷,有危及人身、财产安全危险的,应当依照消费者权益保护法十九条的规定及时采取相关措施。采取召回措施的,生产或者进口商品的经营者应当制定召回计划,发布召回信息,明确告知消费者享有的相关权利,保存完整的召回记录,并承担消费者因商品被召回所支出的必要费用。商品销售、租赁、修理、零部件生产供应、受委托生产等相关经营者应当依法履行召回相关协助和配合义务。
Article 9 An operator shall provide consumers with authentic and comprehensive information related to commodities or services in an easy-to-understand manner, and shall not carry out false or misleading publicity by fabricating the competence, qualifications or honors obtained by the operator, fabricating the transaction information and business data of commodities or services, falsifying, fabricating or concealing users' evaluations, etc., to deceive and mislead consumers.   第九条 经营者应当采用通俗易懂的方式,真实、全面地向消费者提供商品或者服务相关信息,不得通过虚构经营者资质、资格或者所获荣誉,虚构商品或者服务交易信息、经营数据,篡改、编造、隐匿用户评价等方式,进行虚假或者引人误解的宣传,欺骗、误导消费者。
An operator shall not, without the knowledge of consumers, set different prices or fee rates for the same commodity or service under the same trading conditions. 经营者不得在消费者不知情的情况下,对同一商品或者服务在同等交易条件下设置不同的价格或者收费标准。
Article 10 An operator shall, in accordance with the relevant rules of the state, conspicuously indicate the name of the commodity, the price and the charge unit or the item, content, price and valuation method of the service, so that the price tag is complete, the content is authentic and accurate, and the logo is clear and eye-catching.   第十条 经营者应当按照国家有关规定,以显著方式标明商品的品名、价格和计价单位或者服务的项目、内容、价格和计价方法等信息,做到价签价目齐全、内容真实准确、标识清晰醒目。
Where an operator provides services by means of automatic extension or automatic renewal, it shall, in a conspicuous manner, draw the attention of consumers before they accept the services and before the date of automatic extension or automatic renewal. 经营者采取自动展期、自动续费等方式提供服务的,应当在消费者接受服务前和自动展期、自动续费等日期前,以显著方式提请消费者注意。
Article 11 A consumer shall have the right to independently choose commodities or services. An operator shall not, by means of violence, coercion, restriction of personal freedom or use of technical means, compel, directly or in a disguised manner, consumers to purchase commodities or receive services, or exclude or restrict consumers from choosing commodities or services provided by other operators. Where an operator provides commodities or services by means of collocation or combination, it shall draw attention of consumers in a conspicuous manner.   第十一条 消费者享有自主选择商品或者服务的权利。经营者不得以暴力、胁迫、限制人身自由等方式或者利用技术手段,强制或者变相强制消费者购买商品或者接受服务,或者排除、限制消费者选择其他经营者提供的商品或者服务。经营者通过搭配、组合等方式提供商品或者服务的,应当以显著方式提请消费者注意。
Article 12 Where an operator provides commodities or services in the form of commercial publicity, product recommendation, physical display or notice, declaration, shop notice, etc., and makes a commitment to the quantity, quality, price, after-sales service and liability assumption of commodities or services, it shall fulfill its commitments to consumers who purchase commodities or receive services.   第十二条 经营者以商业宣传、产品推荐、实物展示或者通知、声明、店堂告示等方式提供商品或者服务,对商品或者服务的数量、质量、价格、售后服务、责任承担等作出承诺的,应当向购买商品或者接受服务的消费者履行其所承诺的内容。
Article 13 An operator shall indicate its real name and mark in a prominent place of its business premise.   第十三条 经营者应当在其经营场所的显著位置标明其真实名称和标记。
Where an operator provides a commodity or service through the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, etc., it shall indicate or explain its real name and mark in a conspicuous way on its home page, video screen, voice, commodity catalogue, etc. Where other operators actually provide commodities or services, they shall also provide consumers with the names, business addresses, contact information and other information of the operators. 经营者通过网络、电视、电话、邮购等方式提供商品或者服务的,应当在其首页、视频画面、语音、商品目录等处以显著方式标明或者说明其真实名称和标记。由其他经营者实际提供商品或者服务的,还应当向消费者提供该经营者的名称、经营地址、联系方式等信息。
Where an operator leases other people's counters or venues to provide commodities or services, or provides commodities or services by publicity, lottery, centralized experience, and other means, it shall clearly indicate its real name and mark. The lessor of counters and venues shall establish a management system for on-site operation, and verify, update and publicize the relevant information on operators for consumers' inquiry. 经营者租赁他人柜台或者场地提供商品或者服务,或者通过宣讲、抽奖、集中式体验等方式提供商品或者服务的,应当以显著方式标明其真实名称和标记。柜台、场地的出租者应当建立场内经营管理制度,核验、更新、公示经营者的相关信息,供消费者查询。
Article 14 An operator providing commodities or services by network broadcast and other means shall fulfill the obligations related to the protection of consumer rights and interests in accordance with the law.   第十四条 经营者通过网络直播等方式提供商品或者服务的,应当依法履行消费者权益保护相关义务。
A live broadcast marketing platform operator shall establish a sound system for the protection of consumer rights and interests, and specify the mechanism for resolution of consumer disputes. In the event of a consumption dispute, an operator of a live broadcast marketing platform shall, according to the requirements of consumers, provide the relevant information on the operator of the live broadcast room, the live broadcast marketing personnel, the relevant business activity records and other necessary information. 直播营销平台经营者应当建立健全消费者权益保护制度,明确消费争议解决机制。发生消费争议的,直播营销平台经营者应当根据消费者的要求提供直播间运营者、直播营销人员相关信息以及相关经营活动记录等必要信息。
Where the live broadcast content published by an operator of a direct broadcast room or a live broadcast marketer constitutes a commercial advertisement, the obligations of the advertising publisher, advertising agent or advertising spokesperson shall be fulfilled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China. 直播间运营者、直播营销人员发布的直播内容构成商业广告的,应当依照《中华人民共和国广告法》的有关规定履行广告发布者、广告经营者或者广告代言人的义务。
Article 15 An operator shall not, through false or misleading publicity, fabricate or exaggerate the therapeutic, health care, health preservation and other effects of commodities or services, and induce consumers such as the elderly to buy commodities or services that obviously do not meet their actual needs.   第十五条 经营者不得通过虚假或者引人误解的宣传,虚构或者夸大商品或者服务的治疗、保健、养生等功效,诱导老年人等消费者购买明显不符合其实际需求的商品或者服务。
Article 16 An operator providing online game services shall comply with the provisions and standards of the state regarding the time period, duration, function and content of online game services, set up corresponding time management, authority management, consumption management and other functions for minors, strictly carry out user verification in registration, login and other links, and protect the physical and mental health of minors according to the law.   第十六条 经营者提供网络游戏服务的,应当符合国家关于网络游戏服务相关时段、时长、功能和内容等方面的规定和标准,针对未成年人设置相应的时间管理、权限管理、消费管理等功能,在注册、登录等环节严格进行用户核验,依法保护未成年人身心健康。
Article 17 An operator using standard terms shall comply with the provisions of Article 26 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests. An operator shall not use the standard terms to unreasonably exempt or reduce its liability, increase the liability of consumers, or restrict the rights of consumers to modify or terminate contracts according to the law, choose litigation or arbitration to resolve consumer disputes, or choose other operators' commodities or services.   第十七条 经营者使用格式条款的,应当遵守消费者权益保护法二十六条的规定。经营者不得利用格式条款不合理地免除或者减轻其责任、加重消费者的责任或者限制消费者依法变更或者解除合同、选择诉讼或者仲裁解决消费争议、选择其他经营者的商品或者服务等权利。
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