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Laws & Regulations More>>
 Notice by the State Administration for Financial Regulation of Issuing the Measures for Country Risk Management of Banking Financial Institutions (2023-11-24)国家金融监督管理总局关于印发《银行业金融机构国别风险管理办法》的通知 Expand
 Circular on Releasing the Revised Hedge Trading Rules of the Shanghai Futures Exchange (2023) (2023-11-17)上海期货交易所关于发布《上海期货交易所套期保值交易管理办法(修订版)》的公告(2023) Expand
 Announcement No. 166 [2023] of the General Administration of Customs—Announcement on Implementing the Measures Such as Relaxing the Restrictions on the Time Limit for Declaration of Deep Processing Transit under Processing Trade (2023-11-14)海关总署公告2023年第166号――关于实施放宽加工贸易深加工结转申报时限等措施的公告 Expand
 Notice by the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce of Further Effectively Implementing the Tax Reduction and Exemption Policies for Equipment Imported for the Foreign-Funded Projects Encouraged by the State Applicable to Foreign-Funded Enterprises (2023-11-08)商务部办公厅关于进一步做好外商投资企业适用国家鼓励发展的外商投资项目进口设备减免税政策落实工作的通知 Expand
 Notice by the National Administration of Financial Regulation of Issuing the Interim Measures for the Regulatory Rating and Tiered and Categorized Regulation of Trust Companies (2023-11-07)国家金融监督管理总局关于印发《信托公司监管评级与分级分类监管暂行办法》的通知 Expand
 Announcement of the National Medical Products Administration on Issuing the Measures for the Supervision and Inspection of Drug Clinical Trial Institutions (for Trial Implementation) (2023-11-03)国家药监局关于发布《药物临床试验机构监督检查办法(试行)》的通告 Expand
Judicial Cases More>>
 Liu v. A Real Estate Company (case regarding dispute over contracts for advance sales of commercial housing) — inconsistency between delivered housepromotional material Court: Functional Positioning of Basement of House Involved Shall be Deemed an Offer and the Seller Shall Be Liable for Breach
 People v. Li (case regarding dispute over infringement of copyright) — Final judgment rendered on the case of 330 million
 Case regarding dispute over fining Fu — Fake layer attended courtdenied responsibility court: fined 50,000 yuan for obstruction of civil procedure
 A Security Company v. Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (case regarding dispute over ascertainment of work-related injury) — Had a traffic accident on the way from work court: work-related injury shall be ascertained as employee wasnt responsible for the accident
 People v. Jiang (case regarding dispute over fraud) — Cheat property during the epidemic by forging court notice of seizuremaking-up epidemic prevention supplies court: sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for the crime of fraud
 Tianjin Yiqu Technology Co., Ltd v. Shanghai Yumeng Network Technology Co., Ltd (appeal case regarding dispute over infringement upon copyright and unfair competition) — bvious plagiarism in the design of online game rules court: cause damage to relevant marketconstitute unfair competition
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